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Big Data… it’s varied; it’s growing; it’s moving fast, and it’s very much in need of smart management. Data, cloud and engagement are energizing organizations across multiple industries and present an enormous opportunity to make organizations more agile, more efficient and more competitive. In order to capture that opportunity, organizations require a modern Information Management architecture.


    • Transaction-based data stored through the years.
    •  Increasing amounts of sensor and machine-to-machine data being collected.
    • Unstructured data streaming in from outside sources


    • Data is streaming in at unprecedented speed and must be dealt with in a timely manner.
    • RFID tags, sensors and smart metering are driving the need to deal with torrents of data.
    • Reacting quickly enough to deal with data velocity is a challenge for most organizations.


    • Structured, numeric data in traditional databases.
    • Unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, and stock ticker data
    • Managing, merging and governing different varieties of data.


    • Manage the data flows that can be highly inconsistent with periodic peaks.
    • Keep track of daily, seasonal and event-triggered peak data loads.
    • Organize unstructured data that can be involved.


    • Manage data that comes from multiple sources.
    • Link, match, cleanse and transform data across systems.
    • Connect and correlate relationships, hierarchies and multiple data linkages.


    • Enable comprehensive content life-cycle.
    • Document management
    • Cost-effective control of existing and new types of content


We live in a world where technology produces data at an exponential rate. One of the first steps in understanding how your business landscape can change with data, is collecting and storing it in a secure, efficient environment. We can help you organize existing data, build a new data infrastructure, and report on and analyze new data.

Gain industry-leading database performance across multiple workloads while lowering administration, storage, development and server costs; Realize extreme speed with capabilities optimized for analytics workloads such as deep analytics, and benefit from workload-optimized systems that can be up and running in hours.

Data is the most valuable enterprise asset. A good integrated data management strategy will enhance an organization’s ability to develop valuable insights that provides greater business value. This strategy is driven by the following needs:

  • Integrated Data: Disparate data sources lead to information silos resulting in decision deficiencies
  • Accurate Data: Lack of data standards lead to data quality issues and therefore distorted insights
  • Data Governance: Inadequate definitions, unclear ownership and lack of standards can lead to inconsistencies in organizational data management


All data is not created equally. Discovering the relationships between data can make your company much more effective as it looks to use the collected data for different purposes. Increasing your broad capabilities helps increase the value of the data, and valuable data is king.

Akvelon focuses on the fundamentals: smart solutions, efficient execution, and proven methodology. We also build confidence in big data with the ability to integrate, understand, manage and govern data appropriately across its life-cycle.

Govern your data holistically to stay compliant, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and grow your business. Agile data integration, clear roles and bureacracy is kept at bay.

Akvelon’s open source solutions have revolutionized the enterprise integration market, winning acclaim from industry analysts and wide adoption by businesses and public agencies attracted to the combination of robust functionality, low cost, and ease-of-use.

Our integrated solution works for all technical challenges of data governance: data discovery, profiling, and benchmarking; data validation, cleansing and enrichment; data migration and integration; and data monitoring and stewardship.



Collecting large amounts of data is one thing, but turning that data into knowledge is where we can help. Actionable information should make a difference in your business decisions every day. Akvelon’s specialized staff can guide you through the process of extracting and analyzing data that will create competitive differences for your business.

Successful investments in data begin with business needs in mind: defining a data strategy and development roadmap pays great dividends and helps realize value quickly. Our teams can do it all, from architecture to algorithms.

At every stage, from planning through to production, we work across both data engineering and data science. While different projects will use each in different proportion, both are vital. You can’t make good decisions without good data, and you can’t get good data without good engineering.

Akvelon solutions are designed to help enterprises decode large quantities of structured & unstructured data to gain a competitive advantage. We cover the entire lifecycle of a customer’s engagement with a business – from understanding customer behavior to making the right product recommendations.



Capturing data without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction is called Internet of Things. In this ever-expanding world of technology, it has become increasingly more critical to access and analyze data instantly, without the need to input information manually.

Akvelon is developing leading-edge technologies that will lead to advances in industries like healthcare and field operations, and open a completely new world of internet-connected automation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here today in the devices, sensors, cloud services and data your business uses. Begin with what matters most to your company: the Internet of Your Things.

To become a digital business, harness the data spanning your business and operations by connecting your things – the people, processes and assets already at work in your company. The Internet of Your Things enables you to extend digital business scenarios to leverage existing investments, creating new efficiencies and new revenue sources, and enabling innovation.


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