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We provide organizations with a unified repository to house unstructured content and deliver it to business users in the proper format within context of familiar applications to fit the way they work.


ECM solutions initially touted the benefits of eliminating paper from the office, reducing inefficiencies by, for example, enabling speedy access to documents that were previously hidden in forgotten filing cabinets.


Build what you design without restrictions or limitations! Both large and small businesses trust Akvelon to ensure their web presence. Join our welcoming community of developers, designers, and site owners.


Our end-to-end content management has features such as intelligent data capture, annotation and markup of images, and automating routing and approvals. Our scalable repository supports enterprise-wide applications.


This is content management that works the way you do — across cloud, mobile, hybrid, and on-premise environments. Akvelon makes it easy to take control of your content and share critical information to drive your business. We reduce information silos and make content smart, secure, and actionable.


Often referred to as “input,” capture components generate, capture, prepare, and process analog and electronic content. Scanners are obvious capture devices, but so are email servers, MFPs, fax machines, and cameras.

Equally important is the ability to intelligently extract information, then organize and share it with the people and systems that need it most. This body of organized data drives collaboration to a higher level, allowing you to give your stamp of approval, create personalized customer communications, or complete a transaction with ease and speed.


It’s possible to direct and control the entire life cycle of your documents, videos, and other forms of unstructured content — whether they reside on premises or in the cloud — while protecting them and keeping you in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.


With Akvelon’s content management, you get the precise information you need, when and where you need it, regardless of the context.

  • Familiar applications: Beyond dedicated ECM clients, your information is accessible from the existing applications you use most.
  • User roles: Who you are is what you see—and route, sign, edit, delete, and more.
  • Platforms and devices: Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, printer, digital file output, or electronic link to other systems, there are no limits to the places your information can be easily located and accessed.

Access also includes comprehensive search capabilities and flexible Document Composition options.

Email Lifecycle Management

Technical requirements include the following:

  • Enhance system performance
  • Reduce storage needs
  • Minimize administrative expense for email infrastructure
  • Prevent data loss


Compliance requirements include the following:

  • Achieve litigation readiness
  • Satisfy statutory and industry requirements
  • Meet internal compliance regulations


Enterprise-wide information management:

  • Integrate email as one part of a complete information strategy
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Optimize business processes
Information Management

Our products effectively manage an organization’s most valuable information assets and, as a result:

  • Ensure compliance with government and industry records retention requirements
  • Reduce risk in the event of civil litigation or government investigation
  • Minimize storage costs and free up server space for critical information
  • Reallocate staff resources for more useful business activities
  • Organize paper and electronic information for immediate retrieval
  • Protect mission-critical information against loss or unintended destruction
Document Management

As part of a complete process and content management framework, Akvelon enhances information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration, and secures content in all its forms. These functions are essential as organizations seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge, and reduce risk.

At a technical level, document storage and retrieval is as simple as saving files to a disk and opening them later.


Here are a couple examples of Content Management work we have done in the past. Have your company featured as our next example!


Akvelon replaces the existing content management system built around Ektron CMS 4000 that handles access to news and content as well as pass-through to other 3rd party systems or external links 

  • CW supported Workflows for following events
  • Publishing articles
  • Event postings
  • Records management (data archiving)
  • User-submitted content (Story idea/Feedback/Newsletter subscription)

Workflow will trigger notification to administrators using a mail server after creating an Article or user submitted story idea or event (1, 2, 4 events). Initially, the item is being created in a pending state. This item will remain visible to its creator and all users who can see draft items. Then, administrator can approve or reject submitted item.

Records management: Notifications will be sent to the administrator when article is about to expire.


Currently serves content to the following T-Mobile apps:​

  • Bonus Apps Widget​
  • CCE Widget (aka Panel Widget)​
  • More For Me​
  • Access T-Mobile (Android, WP, iOS, RIM)​

Planned support for:​

  • Windows 8 tablets​
  • Gamebase​
  • Others, as needed​

Built on Windows Azure for high availability and scalability​.

Monitored 24x7x365​

99.9% uptime SLA​



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