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Take a look inside any successful organization and you’ll likely discover data management technology powering every process; it’s that critical. But, not every solution is created the same. Akvelon’s Data Management is based on data quality, built on a unified platform, designed with IT and business collaboration in mind, and ready to help you transform big data into big opportunity.

Data Warehouses present large enterprises with unique opportunities for leveraging their data support, growing and expanding solutions, as well as facilitating strategic planning.We have an integrated time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process.


The right data integration solution helps you address today’s data problems while giving you a plan for the future. With data integration from Akvelon, you can:

  • Boost productivity. Get more mileage from existing resources – and increase your productivity – by working from a single point of control. You’ll quickly and easily access the data you need.
  • Share more of the workload. An intuitive interface means you can entrust data to business users, giving them more control so you can get back to your own tasks at hand.
  • Be confident your data is ready for action. Auditing tools that monitor processing and source data lineage let you know your data is primed and prepared for the next step.


For your organization to succeed, you need to create a culture where data quality is valued – which means partnering with a company that makes it a top priority. With Akvelon, you can:

  • Improve data quality where your data resides. There’s no need to extract or move data to clean it. Instead, SAS profiles standardizes, monitors, and verifies your data where it exists. The benefit? A significantly faster, more secure process.
  • Establish unprecedented levels of data quality to support business processes. A recent report found that up to 40 percent of business initiatives fail due to data quality. So when it comes to performing tasks – from managing big data to preparing for analytics – you need to trust the data driving your organization.
  • Manage your entire data quality life cycle. With data constantly flowing in and out of your business, we help you establish repeatable processes so you can build and maintain high-quality data.


Your business, your rules. Akvelon helps you enforce policies so you can trust your data without micromanaging it. Plus, our solutions help you maintain those policies over the long term.

  • Establish guidelines and permissions. You’ll know who’s doing what with your business information, and you can control who accesses your data down to the most granular level.
  • Stop problems that could plague your system. The ability to intercept issues often means the difference between business-as-usual and complete chaos. We help you flag issues – and then fix them.
  • Make sure everyone’s on the same page. Our business glossary lets you create a repository of terms and their definitions that can be applied across any system. It’s one of the first steps toward team collaboration, establishing standard definitions and giving context to your data.


Our Warehousing is the industry foundation for high performance scalable, optimized data warehousing.


Accelerate Performance

Akvelon delivers extreme performance and high availability for data warehousing and reporting systems.


Simplify Analytics

Akvelon delivers a comprehensive platform for real-time analytic applications that deliver insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, and fraud alerting.


Accelerate Industry Insights

A family of standards-based data models designed and optimized to combine market-leading industry application knowledge with the power of Akvelon’s Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions.

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