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Establish your own dedicated teams ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and get access to a skilled development team.

Manage them directly like your own employees; they are dedicated only to your projects.

It’s just the same as if you hire dedicated developers in house. In fact, they can work on-site with you, or remotely from one of our offices.


Keeping your team filled with specialists in an ever-changing industry can be challenging. Akvelon’s Dev Teams are, by definition, specialists of both widely-adopted and cutting-edge technologies.

We choose the best software engineers out of all the possible variants we have in the market and form your own team.

Direct Access to Resources You are in direct contact with your resources and have full control over them. We are specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility and control to the clients over their resources.

Dedicated developers and managers are constantly available to work on your projects and you have full operational control.


Need developers now? Avoid the hiring cycle, costs and employment negotiations. We can provide you an on-demand team of experts to focus on your goals.

Dedicated developers and managers are constantly available to work on your projects and you have full operational control.

Unlike in-house staff, you won’t have administrative headache with dedicated teams (office rent, equipment, benefits package).


You can be assured that your team is completely focused only on your projects and is not distracted by third-party tasks. We hold all of our developers to world-class best practices and coding standards. Our unique culture also ensures you’ll always work with proactive specialists.

Your dedicated team will be familiarized with your company so to deeply understand the specific needs of your business processes.

Our quality and speed of development can help you avoid the overburdened cost and reduce the time required for internal training and skill development.


The number of developers in your dedicated teams can vary (increase or reduce) depending on the needs of your project and business process.

Akvelon’s developer network is flexible and expansive, providing you with an on-demand workforce of developers that scale up and down without obligation.

Our experts can help you in optimizing your development staff and help you find a dedicated development team to provide a cost effective and efficient engagement experience to you.

See who we have helped out in the past! You could be next.



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