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When it comes to data security, you're in good hands at Akvelon. We provide Cloud security, Cyber security, email and PCI security services. We also can guide your company through the HITRUST certification process and help you achieve and maintain HITRUST and HIPAA compliance.
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Information Security & Compliance

Top-notch security is available for your business’ users’ and customers’ protection. Akvelon manages security for enterprises of all sizes in a wide array of industries, so we stand ready to develop an ideal plan for your needs. We’ll configure and monitor your systems, network, and devices – then deploy industry’s best practices for intrusion and hacking prevention. At last, you can rest easy knowing that security is properly managed, so you can focus on other IT and business priorities.



    We provide advanced security services to keep your company’s Cloud compliant and protected from threats of malware or security breaches. From Azure, AWS, and beyond, our data-centric security model will better secure and protect your crucial data assets.




    We can provide guidance throughout the HITRUST self assessment and/or the validated assessment process to receive your HITRUST Certification. We can also help you maintain your compliance with HITRUST security standards and regulations.


  • GDPR


    The EU has begun enforcing the General Data Protection Regulations, and many companies are struggling to prepare for its strict regulations on data and privacy. We will help you gain and maintain compliance with this new Data Privacy Paradigm.




    When it comes to HIPPA, we’ve got you covered.       Our HIPAA experts can help your company meet compliance requirements including internal and external vulnerability scanning, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and more.




    Emails are crucial in the business world, so protection is imperative. This solution provides basic messaging capabilities if the primary email system in unavailable as well as management of all archived messages and legal holds




    Our security experts will help your company stay in line with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security compliance requirements. We will help you monitor and maintain compliance,  as well as implement intrusion detection and prevention.



Our analysts and engineers offer you the most advanced expertise and insight available today. Akvelon performs threat research and analysis that can help you better understand, detect, and prevent security breaches. Monitor and manage the security devices that control your network traffic with log monitoring and analysis, incident investigation, and handling by the SOC.

The external vulnerability scanning solution finds, assesses, and reports on vulnerabilities present on publicly-accessible network infrastructure and endpoints. Proactively monitor and hunt for signs of targeted and complex attacks with in-depth, packet-level analysis using automated and human analytics.


Block malicious web and email content with security solutions adapted to your organization’s business needs. Our solutions allow you to white-list or black-list sites and portions of sites, including granular white-list and black-list capabilities.

Managed Web Content Filtering seamlessly filters web browsing Internet traffic (HTTP & FTP) based on content, site category and virus policy that you set (custom black & white list). Backed by an industry-leading ratings database and updated continuously, our solutions provides helps your business to comply with regulations and enforce appropriate organizational Internet usage policies.


Akvelon’s Log Management process includes:

  • Collect – Real-time information on threats in one centralized database
  • Classify – Maximum security value and content extracted from log sources
  • Analyze – Heuristic, statistical, threshold and time-based rules engines
  • Correlate – Source, destination, user, asset and vulnerability interaction correlation
  • Investigate – Incident details in context with processing and analysis trail down to the raw log lines
  • Audit – Evidence repository, proof-of-compliance, auditable record of response process



The loss of data can be staggeringly difficult for a business. It can quickly and easily have a negative impact on sales, operations, customer service, and a business’ reputation.

Akvelon’s Managed Data Protection Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that your data is backed up and protected.

Our team of specialists ensures that customer data is backed up and protected. They manage everything from installation and configuration to the backup process itself. If a backup encounters problems, such as locked files or inaccessible data, a specialist addresses the problem immediately.

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