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Implementing a new IT system is a big project, that entails a number of expected and unexpected risks. To make sure that the investments you made will return in business profits, you need a partner that will control and solve potential problems and will share project risks. Akvelon is ready to take that responsibility by delivering its own tools and risk management methodologies or working under its partners’ procedures.


Integration testing has always been a challenge especially if the system under test is large with many subsystems and interfaces. End-to-end testing involves ensuring that that integrated components of an application function as expected. Your entire application is tested in a real-world scenario such as communicating with the database, network, hardware and other applications.

Akvelon tests, tests, tests. We do a significant amount of testing throughout construction. As part of construction we do confirmatory testing, a combination of developer testing at the design level and agile acceptance testing at the requirements level.


Our experience can deliver the following:

• Examine the benefits of virtualizing and consolidating your server infrastructure to lower administration overhead

• Segment your network to meet security, compliance or segregation of duties (SOD) requirements

• Segment your network to reduce or eliminate single points of failure so that if one network segment goes down, others continue operating.This allows for improved diagnostic speed while the issue is localized

• Document an accurate network map of your organization including dependencies

• Coordinate internal and external Intrusion (hacking) testing

• Implement and configure Firewalls with the appropriate profiles to allow only authorized traffic and users through

• Develop a corporate taxonomy to support the inventory and       governance of software tools


When implementing systems, Akvelon focuses on fitting together the most suitable sub-systems while also making the most of the customer’s existing equipment and infrastructure in order to contribute to minimizing the overall cost of the project.

Need to simplify, consolidate and streamline your systems, processes and tools? Want to improve efficiency while introducing new solutions and business models? Our experience and expertise help you do just that. We’ll help turn your OSS environment – your organization, processes and tools – into an asset supporting your business development.


When you add new systems, new solutions or new customers, it is far too easy to build parallel vertical Business Support Systems, each in control of its own customer data.

We can help you reduce the number of systems and capitalize on your existing investments in order to reduce your OPEX and boost your business.

We ensure you have an agile environment – with the right organization, processes and tools – that supports efficient data management, innovative offerings and smooth, standardized self-care.

Our Business Integration involves:

  • Convergent rating and billing
  • Marketing and offer management
  • Revenue assurance
  • Solutions development and management
  • User data management.

We have plenty of experience with End to End Delivery.



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