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Untether, unlock, unleash – mobility: the art of the possible. Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive technology innovation faced by enterprises today. In the past few years, mobile devices have evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and solutions that are changing the way companies operate.


Mobility is Akvelon’s core competency. We have released our first mobile application in 2004, and have continually evolved with the market. We have experience with all mobile operating systems, and we continue to innovate and build new mobile concepts, platforms and applications.


From fully fleshed-out concepts to one-sentence pitches, this is where our team stress-tests every project that comes through Akvelon’s doors. We want to know why your idea makes sense, why it’s going to be successful, and why anyone would care about it. This is where our expert strategists will challenge assumptions and overhaul business plans.

Design mobile application


1. Ideate

What does it mean to be mobile? Do you build an app? Do you mobilize your current web experience? What do your clients, partners and employees expect? How about your market? Are you going to go native? Or is it going to be HTML5? What device are you going to cover? What about monetization? What goals do you want to achieve?

These and many other questions need to be answered before the first line of code is written; for a successful, persistent mobile strategy. We know the questions to ask and will help you define and implement a successful mobile strategy.

2. Deliver

There are going to be more than 200 Android devices shipped in the US this year alone that vary in form factors, capabilities, and target audiences. Not to mention iPhones, Windows, and other mobile operating systems most people have not heard about. Developing an application that would work across all platforms and devices is nearly impossible, but we have the expertise to do so. Engineering excellence, architecture for evolution, fanatical attention to detail and quality, all define Akvelon.

3. Evolve

Mobile is never static. Some of the best mobile applications out there get updated every 3 weeks. New functionality, new markets, new devices, new capabilities, and new thinking constantly advances the mobile experience. Creating excellence and staying at the forefront of mobile experience requires the level of attention and commitment that only Akvelon can provide.



People nowadays expect their work, life and play to follow them seamlessly everywhere on any device. This means mobilizing your current customer, partner and employee interactions is more critical than ever.

At Akvelon we not only deeply understand – and in few cases have created – the technology behind mobilizing your browser or legacy applications but we also know which experiences and interactions translate to mobile and which don’t.



Many global organizations have chosen Akvelon to help them leverage mobility solutions to grow, compete and thrive. These business, ranging from IT to Industrial Machinery, have relied on Akvelon’s solution platform to deliver mobile workflows to their customers, employees and executives.

Powered with Akvelon’s mobility workflow platform, our customers can:

  • Grow their business by using mobility solutions to eliminate operational bottlenecks and drive revenue
  • Recruit and retain exceptional staff by providing them with the best technology
  • Delight customers and empower them to initiate and manage their service needs directly
  • Use mobility to consistently beat their competition in our ultra-competitive world
  • Out-perform their competition and retain every customer, year after year


We offer location-based services (LBS) solutions to start or enhance your business. Our Location Solutions support the generation and distribution of location information and provide state-of-the-art LBS applications. Both consumers and enterprise users can benefit from the functionalities included in our solutions.

We offer both active and passive location solutions, designed to optimize your location results while reducing network impact. Our application interface modules provide location information to requesting applications while maintaining critical privacy controls. The LBS application solutions support both legacy devices and smart phones and are easily deployed. With these innovative solutions you receive revenue-producing application opportunities suitable for different market and customer needs.

Akvelon is a global pioneer in providing traffic information systems based on mobile networks. On the mobile network location front, our system enables mobile operators to reach a new level of performance, by detecting actual subscribers’ position instead of the cell-sector area, while using the same signaling information with a much better reference location database than antenna tower location. Location based services and marketing, as well as big data analysis and statistical calculations of trends and demographics are becoming much more efficient with Akvelon’s positioning technology due to its accuracy.


Mobile productivity is no longer a luxury—it’s fundamental to support a happy and productive workforce. Your organization must move beyond the constraints of fixed locations and standard PCs to enable new freedom and flexibility in the way people work. Akvelon’s enterprise mobility management solutions allow your organization to securely provide access to the apps and data people need to do their jobs effectively, no matter where they are or what devices they use.
Akvelon is the leader in enterprise-grade mobility solutions across every device, every operating system, and every mobile deployment. Our scalable enterprise mobility management platform integrates with existing enterprise systems, allowing you to manage all devices, regardless of type.


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