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Apache Cordova is a highly popular platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As part of our collaboration with Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., our developers were asked to contribute to Apache Cordova by adding support.


AKVELON is playing a key role in enabling interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies through the Microsoft OpenTech Partnership. Microsoft OpenTech is focused in the following domains:









Our Open Technologies are a subsidiary of Microsoft that is focused on engaging with open-source communities and developing stronger relationships with those communities. The company has been heavily involved with numerous business groups. It has also been a part of evolving the standards initiatives across Microsoft, such as W3C’s HTML5 and many different cloud standards.


Our solutions increase in productivity due to a simplified development process. With the ability to now use code base of existing Cordova apps to run on Windows Phone, we can decrease development and maintenance costs for multi-platform scenarios and increases number of mobile web apps in Windows Phone market.


Azure Mobile Solutions Android SDK

Akvelon extended solutions to support Android OS (along with Windows Store, WP8 and iOS).

App Gateway for iOS and Android

This project is a 3-tier application that constitutes the client-agent-cloud tiers. The user connects to Azure Cloud via Client and requests the list of Agents available and accessible for that user. Client then connects to one of the available Agents and acquires access to internal corporate resources using it as a proxy.

Azure Mesa 3D Support

Akvelon is currently responsible for investigating the possibility of Mesa3D usage on Azure. Creating various test tools and attempting to run on the Azure service.

Linux and Cloud Setup and Benchmarking

Node.js on Azure & Windows

Akvelon joined forces with Microsoft and the original creators of Node.js to make Node.js compatible with Microsoft Azure and Windows.

Windows Azure SDK for Node.js

Azure Support for Docker

Akvelon collaborated with Microsoft Open Technologies to facilitate the creation of Docker containers on Microsoft Azure.

Eclipse Plugin for Azure

Azure Plugin for Packer.io

Akvelon created a plugin to enable Packer.io users to create images on Azure.

Redis Installer
Akvelon worked on the development of Redis installer as an open
source, BSD-licensed, advanced key-value store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets.

IntelliJ IDEA
Akvelon collaborated with Microsoft Open Technologies to create an
IntelliJ plugin for Azure.

Azure Support for JClouds

Akvelon recently teamed up with Microsoft Open Technologies to create Azure support for JCloud. This will allow developers using JClouds to integrate applications with Microsoft Azure while having full access to Azure features.


Docker Azure Support

Akvelon collaborated with Microsoft Open Technologies to facilitate the creation of Docker containers on Microsoft Azure.

Vagrant Development

Vagrant is an open source project which has been growing in popularity. Vagrant has received technical contributions from hundreds of collaborators, including Akvelon.

Puppet Development

Microsoft Open Technologies has been working to ensure Puppet compatibility on Microsoft Azure.

CHEF Development

CHEF models infrastructure as code, which enables IT professionals and developers to automate configuration management tasks. Users define infrastructure tasks by writing “recipes” describing desired system state, package installations, services to run, and other configuration details. The CHEF client will regularly check and update the nodes on which it is installed to ensure that they are compliant with the configuration defined in these recipes. Thanks to Microsoft Open Technologies, users will now be able to make use of CHEF capabilities on Microsoft Azure.


Cocos 2D-x for Windows Devices

Akvelon recently collaborated with Microsoft Open Tech to bring Cocos 2D-x support to Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps.

Apache Cordova WP8 & WP7 Implementation

Akvelon supported the efforts of Microsoft Open Technologies to enable full support for WP8 & WP7.

DASH.js Adaptive Media Streaming

Akvelon has partnered with Microsoft Open Technologies and the DASH Industry Forum in the development of DASH.js. This open source JavaScript library provides a framework for creating audio and video players for MPEG-DASH content using the W3C Media Source Extensions API.

3D Graphics ‘CINDER’ Interoperability with WinRT & Win8

Implementing Cinder’s hardware-accelerated graphics capabilities using Direct X 11/ WebGL so it can run on WinRT phones and tablets to enable open source world of gaming and interactive applications. WebGL will assist the Bing Maps team to do panoramic photos; a full 3D view of the scene.

Building Apps for Windows Devices Using Open Source Technologies

Recent improvements to jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Dojo Mobile, Weinre, and game development tools such at Cinder and Cocos 2D-x have provided new and simple ways of making applications compatible with Windows Phone and the Windows Store.

Open Source Frameworks Support for Windows Phone 8

MS Open Tech Provides Tech Support To Help jQuery Support Windows

Akvelon teamed up with Microsoft to provide technical support for this project. This comes as good news to JQuery developers, who will be able to use their existing expertise to create applications for Windows devices.

JQuery Mobile Theme for Windows Phone

Akvelon lead developer Sergei Grebnov worked on behalf of Microsoft Open Technologies to create a JQuery Mobile Theme for Windows phone. This will further enable developers of HTML5 and PhoneGap applications to provide their users with a high quality interface and user experience on Windows Phone.

Kinect Common Bridge (KCB)

Akvelon created a wrapper arround the Kinect SDK API to simplify development and provide a common boilerplate out of the box, making it easier than ever to use motion detection as a means of user input.


WebRTC API Design Prototype

Akvelon contributed to the prototype that demonstrates Microsoft’s proposal to the WebRTC API design (proposal is described here). Aiming to bring real-time communications capabilities to web browsers, the prototype serves as a plugin to browsers and allows for audio calls (video calls will be added soon) to be made across the web. Currently, two demos have been developed based on this plugin.

Languages & technologies: C++/JavaScript/Win8/Network protocols

Pointer Events for WebKit

Akvelon developed the Pointer Events prototype for WebKit to demonstrate cross-browser interoperability. Developed in HTML5 Labs, the patch was submitted to the WebKit community. Chrome browser modifications to add new DOM events, generic pointer type.

Languages & technologies: C++, Chromium, GYP, Windows 8.

Control Flow for HTTP 2.0 & IETF 85

Akvelon built the first version of HTTP 2.0 Principles for Flow Control with contributions from Ericsson. Further versions with additional contributors are expected.

Languages & technologies: C# command line client. Apache Web server. C#, C++, mod_spdy, Windows, Linux, Azure VM.


The Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine (ANGLE) is an open source project started by Google which provides a means for browsers to seamlessly render 2D and 3D images without the use of a plugin. This greatly increases the efficiency and consistency of graphics rendering in each browser. Within the Microsoft Windows platform, ANGLE is now used as the default Web GL in both Chrome and Firefox.


    • Implementing Javascript<->C# bridge and other core functionality for Windows Phone
    • Implementing Cordova Api: File, Camera, Capture, Media
    • Additional plugins implementation: Facebook, LiveTile
    • Adding support for Windows Phone 8; implementing Windows Phone 8 specific functionality and features


    • Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming editor. Users can drag blocks together to build an application
    • Blockly is going to be used in US schools to learn programming;
    • We are helping Blockly to add support of IE8
    • Akvelon added Flash support for Blockly rendering engine so that it does not require SVG technology support by browser to run


    • Better decoupling of implementation classes
    • No need in multiple listener interfaces
    • No need to duplicate the code supporting listeners
    • Application-wide event generation and receiving



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