Akvelon | Akvelon’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
Akvelon is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, specializing in Dynamics CRM customization. Our CRM solutions are highly recommended by Dynamics Marketplace. Try it here.
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Quickly forge and manager long-term bonds with customers

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Akvelon’s CRM Products

Streamline business processes, reduce overhead, leverage

existing networks, and manage the all-important customer

relationships with our CRM products.


Global Search

With Global Search, you can search, view, and

navigate all your CRM records at once across all

CRM entities from a single location.

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Global Preview

Global Preview for Dynamics CRM allows CRM

users to preview any CRM entity in any CRM list

without opening them individually.

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Gmail Integration

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail works

as a web browser extension that enables users

to connect their Gmail account with their

Dynamics CRM Online account.

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CRM Tracker

Never miss a record or an opportunity.

With Akvelon CRM tracker, you can add calls to

Dynamics CRM directly from your Android

mobile device – no internet connection required.

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Custom Search

Are you looking for a customized version of

Global Search? Try out our Dynamics CRM

Custom Search Implementations! Find what

you need quickly and efficiently.

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Demo our CRM products for free

Display your marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives

in one easy-to-use system. Try it out for free and experience

powerful CRM solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Global Search

No need to guess where you saved

that precious piece of information

with that key phrase; it’s right there

in a matter of seconds!

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username: demo@akvgs.onmicrosoft.com

password: Akvelon1

Global Preview

Save time and improve efficiency

without the hassle of opening a new

without every time. See all CRM

records in one place with Akvelon’s

Preview Pane.

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username: demo@akvgs.onmicrosoft.com

password: Akvelon1

CRM Tracker

For Android mobile devices – no

internet connection is requried! Calls

added offline will automatically sync

the next time you connect. Never miss

a call again.

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Gmail Integration

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail

is an extension for Google Chrome,

which allows you to create and interact

with CRM entities without leaving Gmail.

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