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Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail.

Track down emails, conversations and attachments from Gmail, and save them directly into Dynamics CRM.


  • Track down emails, conversations and attachments from Gmail, and save them directly into Dynamics CRM.
  • Create new contacts directly from Gmail in one click.
  • Quickly find Contacts and Accounts in CRM, and track correlated emails.
  • View upcoming tasks, and open them directly in Dynamics CRM from Gmail.
  • Open emails, contacts and accounts in Dynamics CRM right from Gmail.
  • More new features are coming soon, stay tuned!



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Available for all Chrome users, Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail works as a web browser extension that enables users to connect their Gmail account with their Dynamics CRM Online account flawlessly.

Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail is very pragmatic, and includes countless possibilities for lead generation and organization in Gmail. Users can track their Dynamics CRM contacts, create new contact profiles, and track emails pertaining to a specific contact all in their Gmail account. Every task assigned and managed in Dynamics CRM can be accessed in Gmail. This unique feature displays all of the user’s active tasks, priorities (by color), descriptions, and due dates.

Furthermore, this application works alongside Akvelon’s Dynamics CRM Search and Preview applications. Global Search and Preview for Dynamics CRM allows users to search, view and navigate all CRM entities with a single query. All of the information created in Gmail, using any of these applications, is saved to Dynamics CRM instantly, without any additional steps.

While Gmail and Dynamics CRM are standalone applications, Akvelon’s Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail is configured to make the two work together seamlessly. With increased speed and accessibility to sales information, users will never miss an opportunity to view tasks, save emails with attachments, and/or add contacts from their Gmail account. Akvelon is offering a free 14-day trial for the extension. Get the most out of your Dynamics CRM investment with this simple, reliable and essential extension for anyone using Gmail or Chrome.

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