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Our test campaign management has the ability to create new test campaigns, change existing campaign settings, and remove campaigns. We also test execution management with the ability to launch tests for existing campaigns, as well as stopping current test execution. We have an interface to display test execution results and detailed URL statistics.

Akvelon’s testing and execution management reduces the complexity of testing today’s cloud-based APIs and applications, where testers have limited visibility into (or control of) the myriad distributed components.


Akvelon’s functional and load testing platform was designed from the ground up to simplify the testing of all the protocols and technologies that make cloud-based applications possible (HTTP/S, JMS, MQ, ESB, PoX, JDBC, RMI, Tibco, SMTP, .NET WCF, SOAP/WSDL, REST/WADL, etc.). You can rapidly define end-to-end tests that extend across the different layers and components of your cloud-based application. Tests can be automatically generated in a number of ways (including recording from HTTP/S, JMS, or MQ traffic). A single test scenario might validate:

  • Server requests and responses at the service or API level
  • Intermediate messages and events within an ESB, JMS, or other application/system
  • Elements presented in the web UI
  • Values stored in the database

Test from Public or Private Clouds

Generate traffic using public cloud providers like Amazon & Google, or install our on-premise load generator software on your own machines and test behind the firewall on your internal network.

These tests can then be leveraged for low-noise regression testing, security testing, run time error detection, and load and performance testing. All tests can be executed continuously to alert you to any problems or unexpected changes as soon as they are introduced.


Many things can go wrong in a distributed cloud-based environment, including:

  • Failures or inconsistencies at the various layers
  • More subtle underlying problems—a message routed to the wrong system, a message transformed incorrectly, a target system that doesn’t perform a required action

As tests execute, Akvelon visualizes and traces how messages and events flow through ESBs, message brokers, applications, databases, and more. Regression controls and validations can be applied at any point in the process to help you ensure that all the transaction steps execute as expected. For example, you can validate that a method call has the expected parameters or check intermediate messages passing through an ESB.


Rapid, iterative load testing throughout the lifecycle.

Performance engineers rarely want to execute a single test. You execute a series of tests, building upon prior test results. CloudTest’s real-time analytics, visual test creation environment, dynamic test-grid provisioning, and the ability to start, stop, pause, and restart tests in the cloud give you complete testing flexibility, accelerating the iterative testing process. With that acceleration comes a reduction in time and expense for load testing. You can then allocate that savings to low-scale load testing in the earlier stages of development and QA. So, rather than betting on a single flight of tests right before launch, you can afford more comprehensive load testing throughout your development lifecycle. This delivers higher-performing applications and lowers your business risks, and who wouldn’t want that?


Akvelon’s flow visualization constructs a logical representation of the test execution sequence from the solution, as well as remote systems under test. This aggregates all relevant information in a single location—with intuitive controls for zeroing in on the information needed to debug complex test scenarios (e.g., with many tests, multiple data sources, dynamic data, etc.). Moreover, a queue browser provides a graphical interface for reviewing the contents of JMS and MQ queues. This provides visibility into (and control over) the messages present on queues, which is helpful when analyzing the interaction between the test scenarios and the system under test.


Real-Time Analytics:

Drive your tests forward and get immediate feedback. Akvelon’s real-time analytics dashboards provide an integrative view of your live data while tests are running. Having all your performance data from the back end to the front end makes it easy to isolate and fix performance bottlenecks.


Compress Time to Results:

Our tests are interactive in nature, built to reflect reality as closely as possible. This enables you to iterate through test cases faster with the ability to pause and restart to address issues while the test is running. Execute more tests during your time slots!


Since the security and reliability of the application layer is critical to the success of cloud-based applications, Akvelon’s solution also extends into development testing. This helps you prevent and detect defects in the underlying Java, C, C++, or .NET code. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive development solution, including static analysis, code review, unit testing, code coverage analysis, runtime error detection, and more.


Our Development Testing prevents software defects and reduces technical debt, allowing you to increase velocity.

  • Leverage policies to align business expectations with development
  • Eliminate costly rework associated with late stage defect discovery
  • Comply with internal industry or governmental standards
  • Integrate security best practices into application development

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