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13 Apr T-Mobile Test Team


T-Mobile logoT-Mobile Product Realization Customer Acceptance Testing

T-Mobile USA, Inc. is an American mobile-network operator that provides wireless voice, messaging, and data services. The company has over 33.73 million customers and annual revenues of US $21.35 billion. Its nationwide network reaches 96% of Americans.

Business Need

For every new app or device, T-Mobile required testing of preloaded applications, a job originally staffed internally. But, as T-Mobile no longer had the budget to retain many of those contractor testing positions, the company chose to offload the highly variable work to a Vendor. As a result, Akvelon has been working with T-Mobile since July of 2011 in providing high caliber project testing. Akvelon’s efficiency and high-quality work has contributed greatly to T-Mobile, who will continue this work stream in the future
This was the best platform we have ever used.


As a result, Apache Cordova released statements praising our developers, regarding them as highly valuable resources.

  • “The commit history will say the same thing, but for those that like the high level, I have to give [Akvelon employee] a huge tip of the hat for his awesome contributions along the way. [Akvelon employee] is responsible for a LOT…”
  • “The majority of the effort has been done by [Akvelon employee] with tech support from the MSOpenTech team.”

Our developer put in a tremendous amount of work into WP8. He had already made numerous contributions to Apache Cordova for Windows Phone 7 (WP7), so he inevitably knew his way around Cordova.


Akvelon partnered with T-Mobile to provide an end-to-end mobile testing solution that is fast and flexible. Akvelon’s team designs a rigorous testing schedule for each new device or application, using a combination of manual and automated testing to maximize the team’s ability to find and report bugs, while also meeting tight release deadlines. Akvelon’s process includes:

  • Testing the full functionality of applications.
  • Testing of new versions of applications as they release across base-line devices.
  • Power and security testing to determine if applications are efficient with battery life and safe from malicious requests.

Moreover, Akvelon has been able to maintain a dedicated team of mobile application testers and project managers who interface directly with the client on a weekly basis and provide results, analysis, and recommendations to T-Mobile. Based on our recommendations, T-Mobile either approves or rejects various mobile applications from their production devices.

Technologies Used

Android, iOS, Windows Phone and RIM testing and Subject Matter Experts

Benefits and Results

    • Increased productivity through rapid diagnosis and resolution of issues
    • Quality assurance achieved by establishing consistent testing processes
    • Significantly reduced release time for new applications and devices
    • Coming up on 2 years of Preloads Testing:
      • 92 different applications tested over this period
      • 52 devices tested over this period
      • Incurred cost savings up to 40%
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