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Akvelon’s API Management enables you to create, assemble, manage, secure and socialize web application programming interfaces (API).

Our API Management provides a developer portal to attract and engage application developers and foster use of published APIs. An administration portal allows you to establish policies for critical API attributes such as self-registration, quotas, key management, and security policies. An analytics engine provides role-based insight for API owners, solution administrators, and application developers in order to manage your APIs and ensure your solutions levels are being achieved.


Create secure REST APIs to grow the value of IT assets.

APIs are revolutionizing IT across industries by enabling enterprises to expose their backend applications, databases, and other information assets for reuse in new Web, mobile, and cloud apps. In this way, APIs help enterprises to quickly, easily, and economically create powerful applications that open new revenue streams and add value to existing offerings.

Deploy an API-centric security infrastructure.

While conventional Web security proved unable to address the security requirements for APIs, many organizations had already deployed middleware gateways to secure IT assets exposed to partners and customers via service oriented architecture (SOA). Architecturally, these SOA gateways were ideally placed to centrally secure the flow of data to and from Web APIs.


Accelerate application delivery and new routes to market.

APIs provide an inherent value to the application development process. Designing APIs that externalize enterprise data and solutions allows businesses and IT departments to decouple the development efforts for backend applications from client-side applications.

Manage APIs like products and developers like customers.

APIs and developers each follow a lifecycle with stages of maturity that require proper management. APIs need to be managed like products and developers need to be managed like customers. The right API management solution enables organizations to manage both lifecycles independently and successfully.


Engage new business channels for the open enterprise.

New mobile and cloud technologies are creating opportunities for lines of business to expose information assets to a broader audience via APIs in order to open new revenue streams and provide better user experiences. This open enterprise model ensures that partners, customers, employees, and developers can gain access to relevant data from whatever location, device, or application they require.

Manage, secure and federate identities.

Identity management in the open enterprise requires an API management solution able to deal with every aspect of credential validation, authorization, mapping, and brokering. This solution must support the latest identity specifications, be flexible enough to deal with evolving implementations, integrate with standards-based and proprietary IAM systems, and provide functionality for managing developer and application access.

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