Akvelon | Akvelon Senior Data Scientist Earns a Top Score in Machine Learning Competition
Akvelon Senior Data Scientist Anton Nesterenko earned a top score in the Seismic Data Analysis Championship, utilizing machine learning in his solution to help with seismic cube segmentation
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01 Jun Akvelon Hosts Company-Wide Fitness Challenge

Throughout the month of May, Akvelon hosted a company-wide fitness challenge to encourage employees to stay active while social distancing. The challenge proved to be very popular as 86 employees representing  all of Akvelon’s global offices joined the competition. Akvelon hosted the competition with two goals in mind: providing a fun virtual team-building exercise to unite all of its 10 global offices, and encouraging its employees to stay active and healthy.


Akvelon’s Fitness Challenge

To enter the competition, employees just needed to join Akvelon’s team on countit.com and create a free account. Then, they needed to connect with either one of the free, built-in health apps for Android and iOS or connect with a fitness device like Fitbit, Garmin, etc. After they were successfully connected, they earned points on their countit.com profile for walking, running, and cycling (1 point for every 100 steps). The employee that earned the most points throughout the month would be rewarded with a $150 gift card to the store of their choosing.

While in this climate it is important to stay indoors and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is also important to keep healthy and active. That is why Akvelon decided to host this challenge, encouraging employees to be safe while exercising by hitting the treadmill, walking through their gardens, or walking around their neighborhoods while practicing social distancing.


The competition became pretty intense, with several employees making significant changes to their daily routines so that they could fit in more time to exercise (outside of work hours, of course!). At the end of the month, our winner was revealed: Evgeny Agafonchikov, who walked/ran over 867,000 steps throughout the month! An average person takes around 2,000 steps to walk one mile, which means that Evgeny walked over 430 miles throughout May!

Evgeny credits his pre-existent love for walking for his win. Since the beginning of the year, Evgeny has been participating in the Samsung Health Steps World Challenge. Evgeny also enjoys walking with his girlfriend in the country side so that he can enjoy nature while social distancing.

Though only the top score earned a prize, several employees earned bragging rights for their impressive scores! Igor Stekolnikov walked/ran over 849,000 steps, saying that his success was due to many things including his excitement to compete in our first global fitness competition, his perfect partner to exercise with, the support in his local office,  and his excellent competitor (Evgeny).

In third place was Sergey Grebnov, who walked/ran over 641,000 steps. Sergey runs often, so the majority of these steps were earned while running – for instance he ran over 95 miles in one week alone!

Arthur Mikhaylov got fourth place with an impressive 544,000 steps! Arthur usually gets the suggested 10,000 steps per day, however he was inspired by Akvelon’s fitness challenge to step it up even further. He began running several evenings a week after work, pushing himself every day to do better.

Alexey Semenov was close behind Arthur with 543,000 steps, earning him fifth place! Alexey kept active by going for a run nearly every morning, going for a quick walk after lunch, and cycling or going on longer runs a few times a week after work.

As a team, Akvelon walked/ran over 13,160,000 steps which is over 6,500 miles! The full results of the challenge can be seen on Akvelon’s team page on countit.com.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the fitness challenge. It was fun seeing our employees from around the globe get so excited to compete! While only one employee was able to win the competition’s prize, everyone who participated succeeded by pushing themselves to get more active!



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