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Author: Olivia Cole

Akvelon Moves into a New Office in Yaroslavl

Earlier this month, our Yaroslavl team moved into their new office, located in the heart of Yaroslavl near a beautiful park, several shops and some hip bars. Akvelon occupies two floors of the stylish and spacious 1300 square meter building. We are currently expanding to...

Akvelon a Partner and Mentor at AI Hackathon

The future of technology is driven by the new and aspiring developers who will create it. Akvelon wants to not only build the technology of tomorrow, but also to help shape the technology of the future. That is why we have been investing our time...

AKvelon Software Development Manager speaks at Kharkiv Project Management Day
Akvelon Software Development Manager speaks at Kharkiv Project Managment Day

When it comes to project management, Akvelon is full of experts that have excellent advice to share. Akvelon Software Development Manager Kyrylo Beloborodko was invited to speak at Kharkiv Project Management Day, a conference dedicated to project management in the IT sphere. The conference drew...

Case Study: Akvelon Phishing Prevention Program

Business NeedToday, most businesses have prioritized large sums of money to keep their buildings and the important files within them safe. However, some of the most dangerous security threats that they face each day are virtual: cyber security threats like phishing attempts. Every day, over...

Salesforce Google Calendar Sync
Salesforce Integration for Gmail Extension Free Edition Now Available!

[vc_row][vc_column width='3/4']If there is one thing that a great salesperson lacks, it’s time. Time is crucial when your very livelihood depends on how many sales calls you make and how many deals you close each day.  Between customer meetings, traveling, CRM, and everything else in...