Avocado.Software’s Global Preview allows CRM users to preview any CRM

entity in any list without opening them individually.

Be more efficient

and save time.

Increase efficientcy and save time

with Akvelon Global Preview.

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Why do I need Global Preview for
Microsoft Dynamic 365?

Avocado.Software’s Global Preview is the missing link for a complete

CRM user experience. The add-in solution conveniently gets rid of the

hassle of individually opening and previewing CRM entities.


Global Preview

  • Preview entities in an Outlook-style Preview

Pane directly in the CRM list

  • Preview open and closed entities for selected

contacts, accounts, or any other entity

  • Configure attributes to display for any

entity (including Custom Entities)

  • Preview Notes and Attributes
  • New features for Email preview
  • Search emails directly in CRM
  • Preview emails associated with Accounts,

Contacts, and other entities.

  • Open CRM emails and attachments directly

from preview

  • Create, reply, reply all, and print emails

from Email Preview


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Password: Akvelon1

(Global Preview User Manuals)

Instructions for Global Preview Demo

1. At the sales tab, click te “Email Preview” menu

item to open general Email Preview screen.

2. Global Preview pane is available from any CRM

grids/forms and sub-grids/sub-forms, for example

Contacts grid:


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