Akvelon | Case Study: Smartsheet Android Development for Logic 20/20
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04 Apr Case Study: Smartsheet Android Development for Logic 20/20


Logic 20/20 is a Seattle-based consulting company with expertise in using both business and technology to empower its customers. Logic 20/20 has large business companies as customers that would like to analyze their data flows and predict future trends.


Business Need

Logic20/20 was in need of an application that could predict future trends.



Our team developed an application which predicts future trends so users could upload their own data-train-sets (.csv files) to the system. These files are passed through a machine learning algorithm that learns this data and creates a data model. After that, the user can send new data sets (with conditions but without the results) and the data model to the ML service, and it returns the results for the new conditions.


Benefits and Results

  • Created an Angular 7.0 client-app that allows users to manage projects, upload data-sets, trigger processing of data-sets and download the results.
  • Improved the node.js API app: added ability to receive and save into AZURE Cosmos DB such entities as customers, taxonomies, datasets.
  • Created a microservice that allows download/upload files to AZURE blob storage.
  • Added a “supervisor” microservice that redirects KAFKA-messages from UI-topics to ML-topics.
  • Added a job scheduling service that checks and removes old processing-requests from the storage over a specified period of time.


Technologies Used

Docker, Kubernetes, Node.js, Angular 6, Kafka, Azure, Python, Visual Studio Online





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