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Machine Learning Platform for Data Analysis

[vc_row][vc_column width='3/4']Article written by Akvelon Project Manager Nail Shakirov was originally published in Medium and then also published on Towards Data Science. Problem statement Nowadays, fast-growing Machine Learning technologies allow us to solve an increasing number of real-life problems. Routine operations in such cases can be reduced...

Healthcare Akvelon
Cloud Security in the Medical and Health Fields: Focusing on What Matters

[vc_row][vc_column width='3/4']The journey to the Cloud has been the biggest, and most popular, technology trend in the last decade.  For organizations world-wide seeking to increase their efficiency, agility, and flexibility while containing cost, the Cloud offers a gamut of possibilities to transform, digitize, and modernize.Too...


“[Your consultant] was liked by all and considered to be a fast and effective contributor to the project. Whenever work was needed on the frontend, the team knew [he] would be able to reliably get it done. It would be great to get the opportunity...


“[We were] very impressed with [your employees’] efforts and progress in on-boarding to NRP and starting on-call duties. We truly appreciate their help. Thanks alot, guys” - Microsoft Principal Software Engineering, R&D Manager...


"Really great work. Thus far we could not be happier with your progress and the results of your efforts." - IT Project Manager, McKinstry...

Microsoft Dynamics

Akvelon helped them create a CRM Mobile Express to perform on any web browser and/or mobile platform. ...



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