We use our cloud solutions to help our clients soar above their competitors. If you’re driven to run lean operations while managing massive amounts of data, searching for the next killer app, or need instant access to your company’s operations in real time, our cloud solutions give your company the edge you’ve been looking for.


Cloud computing and data storage helps companies achieve business coherence, run lean operations, and reap the benefits of economies of scale. With a new cloud solution, you can convert your existing technology into a secure and efficient data management environment that will grow with you.

Akvelon Cloud Solutions take you from maintenance to strategy, so that you can start building for the future. Cloud computing applications branch out well beyond CRM. Our customers are building more apps, and building better apps.

Load Testing Platform

Akvelon developed a cloud computing solution to provide testing facilities through Akvelon’s Amazon LTT. The system is designed to generate concurrent load, collect responses, produce statistical reports, and send e-mail notifications. All with less cost and less hassle, thanks to Akvelon’s cloud computing platform.


With Akvelon’s mobile application platforms, your clients can access their cloud from any smartphone or tablet; anytime and anywhere. Mobile cloud apps do not need to be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Users view the mobile cloud app UI in a browser window on the remote device. An Internet connection is required to use mobile apps running on a mobile cloud.



Traditional in-house testing does not simulate real-world traffic which is must for Web testing. Akvelon’s cloud testing platform allows companies to automate and speed up the Load Testing and Functional testing of their web application using real-world user traffic over the Cloud platform. Cloud Testing operate a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, so there is no need to invest in any hardware, software or consultancy; Cloud Testing provide all you require for web testing, leaving you to concentrate on your core business needs.

Akvelon applied its best practices for the solution design and implementation with an in-depth analysis of the business need and existing technologies. We provide a road-map arrangement: goals, system architecture, milestones, specifications, and estimations. Software design and development with parallel implementation of system components and system deployment.


Tracking and analyzing code coverage is critical to efficient test automation. Our tools listen to your application code while tests are running to reveal which areas are least covered – allowing ou to assess which areas are most at risk.

Test campaign management, with the ability to create new test campaigns, change existing campaign settings and remove campaigns. We also test execution management, with the ability to launch test for existing campaigns, and stop current test execution. Interface to display test execution results and detailed URL statistics.



Develop, package, and deploy powerful applications and solutions to the cloud with Akvelon’s Cloud Solutions and the click of a button.Scale from 1 to 1000 in minutes. Once your application is deployed, that’s it: From provisioning, to load-balancing, to health monitoring, Akvelon handles the rest.

Developing web pages and web applications for mobile devices presents a different set of challenges compared to developing a web page for the typical desktop web browser, don’t let them scare you, we have end-to-end delivery models to help you out.