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Manage Your Smart Home From The Cloud!

07 Jun Manage Your Smart Home From The Cloud!

Home Management Automation is huge in today’s busy world.  Concepts like One Touch, Checking-In On Your Home, and Virtual Home Management have become staples for our fast-paced world.  So naturally, technology that can manage communication to and from devices and services seems a perfect fit for maintaining safety and smooth running of the place you go to relax and refresh!  How did we develop our unique take on this exciting tech notion?  Glad you asked…

At Akvelon, we are constantly working on a variety of Internet of Things (or simply IoT) projects!  Recently, we demonstrated how easily you can create an app to control AllJoyn powered devices.  Now, we will take our ingenuity a step further by enabling more natural interaction with AllJoyn powered devices – via the power of machine-based AI and intelligent services provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services and Cortana Intelligence Suite.


  • Raspberry PI 2 or 3 with Windows 10 IoT Core
  • AllJoyn-enabled lightbulb or Luminaire – the Android app from Qualcomm acting as a virtual lamp.
  • Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 (Community, Professional or Enterprise) installed on Development machine.


Managing your Smart Home using Bots

Microsoft introduced the Bot Framework (part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite) a few months ago, so that everyone can easily build and connect intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally.  This means the user could be anywhere, using any popular service – from text/SMS to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail or virtually, anywhere.  We believe this same approach is applicable to home automation scenarios as well.  Just as you connect services and interact with other users, you can now interact and manage your Smart Home via intelligent bots.

Check out demo below:

The scenario above demonstrates a very simple case (treat it as proof-of-concept).  You can also target complex and intelligent scenarios using another Cortana Intelligence Suite component called, Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS).  LUIS offers a fast and effective way of adding language understanding to applications by using pre-existing, world-class, already-built models from Bing and Cortana.  (try examples).  And when you need specialized models, LUIS guides you through the build process, in a fast and easy way!

LUIS is well integrated and fully supported by Microsoft Bot Framework. Watch Building a Conversational Bot: From 0 to 60 to learn more about Microsoft Bots and LUIS support.

Putting Everything Together

Below is proposed architecture to use intelligent bots to control your home.

Step 1 = Set up your Local/Home network

1. Use the following instructions to create Windows10 UWP app to control your home smart devices using AllJoyn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/windows-10-alljoyn-make-your-iot-devices-apps-speak-sergei-grebnov-1
2. Install created app on Windows 10 device (for example, Raspberry PI 2 or 3 with Windows 10 IoT Core)

Step 2 = Create the Bot

1. Use Bot Framework Getting Started to learn how to create new bot.
2. Learn how to integrate LUIS to your bot: http://docs.botframework.com/sdkreference/csharp/dialogs.html
3. Register the bot and add communication channels: https://dev.botframework.com/bots/new

Step 3 = Connect the Bot (cloud) and Windows 10 App (home)

Taking into account that the Bot is ASP.Net web application with REST API, we can use SignalR as communication channel between the Bot and home Windows 10 app.

1. Bot (SingalR Hub): add hub functionality to push content to the client (tutorial, sample code).
2. Windows10 UWP app (SignalR Client): add logic to connect to the hub and process incoming commands (tutorial, sample code).

That’s it!!!  You are all set!   Now, you can use your preferred client app…like Skype, Slack, etc. … on your favorite mobile or desktop platform to interact with Smart Technology in your home.  Whether you are in a local network or outside and remote, you stay connected and keep your Home running the way you want.

Call to Actions

1. Visit AllSeen Alliance to learn more about AllJoyn or meet local community (AllJoyn Ambassadors).
2. Learn more about Windows 10 and AllJoyn and how to create your first AllJoyn application for Windows 10 device.
3. Visit Bot Framework Getting Started to create your first bot.
4. Reach us if you have any question.



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