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Many of our applications help both companies with their innovative capabilities and the end user. Our consumers love the products we create, and they spread in popularity like wildfire. We have figured out how to integrate endpoint management tools and mobile application development platforms. This allows administrators the ability to manage policies of all applications built using the mobile application, as well as to continually test updates and usage using mobile devices.


    • Swype is a faster and easier way to input text on any screen
    • Supports integration with Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant application on Android
    • Using AI and language models, creates a database of user’s frequently used words and predicts a next word.
    • Swype is deployed by default on a number of Nokia devices


    • AmazonMP3 App ships on all T-Mobile phones and allows you to browse and purchase music from Amazon directly onto your phone
    • Pre-loaded on all T-Mobile phones
    • Amazon MP3 offers a massive selection of DRM-free MP3 music downloads
    • Development and Implementation of the entire project


    • Provides subscribers with information about their account usage, billing, device state, and device troubleshooting resources
    • Provides carrier a way to send promotion info and targeted messaging to subscribers
    • Allows a collection of diagnostic information that can be used for improving the mobile network
    • Available on all networks and operating systems

Complete Solutions

We moderate our portfolio of applications to go through a uniform approval and compliance checklist, enforced by a centralized security group. Integration can provide a greater degree of security and quality during the development process. For example, using a mobile device management tool with an application deployment platform can help developers feel more confident that they are using the right application version, one that hasn’t been corrupted or manipulated in some way between the development and the production stages.


Since mandatory security and compliance approval processes can be complex and time consuming, our program also enables organizations to streamline corporate policies across development and operations. The security group can then pre-approve these applications in the production stage in a much shorter time frame. This, in turn, can reduce the length of application release cycles, as development groups become independent of implementing or enforcing policies one application at a time.

  • Develop, connect, run and manage mobile applications
  • Overcome native OS limitations to better protect enterprise data
  • Take advantage of self-service portal and enterprise application store
  • Detect rooted or jailbroken devices
  • Selectively wipe enterprise applications
  • Consolidate policy management of mobile applications into one infrastructure
  • Streamline workflow between development and operations teams

Akvelon has been working with huge enterprises to ensure smooth transitions to compete in the fast growing business environment. Take our SWYPE application for Nokia that we built. SWYPE is not only popular with Nokia, but most handheld devices use SWYPE as an easy way to type on a smaller screen. Our innovative thinking and development allows not only huge opportunities, but an easy way for companies to adapt to new trends.


Our algorithm determines the consumer’s interest and history. This Akvelon platform will discover whether or not your user is a gamer, designer, social user, or prefers to keep it simple. You and users are able to preview apps that are suggested for them on the first page of their device, giving them the opportunity to have what they want.


Akvelon ensures that you will enjoy your products. Our End-to-End Delivery Model allows you to see the step-by-step process with us helping you the entire way. If needed, we will supply you with an on-site manager.

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