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Developing, maintaining and supporting large-scale, complex, highly distributed and interconnected applications is extremely challenging. Traditional application management approaches are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of today’s application architectures and deployment environments. Akvelon provides a better approach, enabling you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime, gain end-to-end operational visibility of your key performance indicators. With Akvelon, you can deliver usage and user insights from your application data to help the business make better decisions.


Akvelon’s innovative model alights your single point-of-contact solution delivery with robust VMS technology that may be customized to meet your total staffing needs. We are a staffing partner with a commitment to exceptional customer service and program flexibility.

Akvelon combines the value of your best solutions and the customization of productivity and performance, plus technology to provide visibility, spend management, and greater supplier access across your operations.


The oversight and access to the resources you need:

Akvelon can assist you in attaining full transparency into — and control over — your company’s contingent and permanent workforce composition. As your MSP, we consolidate and streamline the complex processes associated with managing multiple suppliers while our onsite account team mitigates the security, logistical, legal and regulatory risks associated with managing a contingent workforce.

Strategic approach: Our tenured account managers, instructional designers and trainers serve as strategic partners who collaborate with you and ensure business results are clearly defined and achieved. The insight and knowledge we provide through strategic planning ensure the delivery of creative, results-oriented training and development solutions.


Improve organizational productivity and decrease costs:

Enhance talent acquisition quality and lower total costs with leading VMS technology and an onsite team focused on optimizing and managing your contingent workforce needs at a strategic level. Eliminate the financial and administrative burden of constant program management and oversight while making clear decision that control spending. Centralize costs and create a competitive cost structure with the ability to support multiple skill sets enterprise wide.

Act as good stewards of your business by identifying cost savings opportunities and keeping your business safe and compliant


We build customized solutions to drive performance and productivity for the long-term contingent workforce:

Our extensive knowledge of business requirements and challenges across various industries allows us to create purposeful recommendations and deliver solutions based on your business objectives.

You are assigned your own dedicated on-site IT support team – not a new face at every visit, not starting from square one every time. Our team approach ensures you always have coverage from a known resource. Since we document your network comprehensively, any team member can quickly diagnose and resolve any issues.

We have plenty of experience with On-Site Management. Check them out.



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