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Online Healthcare Portal

based on Salesforce Health Cloud

Technology now pushes healthcare and life sciences organizations towards connectivity and easily accessed information. It’s becoming crucial for medical facilities to go digital and provide personnel and patients with online platforms that allow access to health information, manage appointments, check care plans etc.


Akvelon came up with the online platform, a universal solution fit for various types of medical facilities and institutions because it supports main healthcare roles: care team – doctors, front desk receptionists and patients.

Salesforce Health Cloud

The chosen tech solution, Salesforce Health Cloud, streamlines care coordination for patients. It accomplishes this by providing a complete view of the patient, smarter patient management, and all the features advanced CRM has.

Application roles and features

A mobile application makes making appointments and health control easier on the go.
Web application for managing patients lists, care plans and treatments.
Web application for accessing administrative panel, managing staff ratio and appointments, billing reports.

CRM features

One of the basic portal pages is the patients’ list looking similar to standard lead lists in CRM. The patients’ list view can be fully customizable. All CRM features applicable to leads can be utilized for the patient portal as well, including assigning tasks, browsing appointments history.

In addition to patient relationship management, the portal elevates the collaboration and communication experience within the care team network. Everyone within the network can collaborate, and send secure messages on any device.