Akvelon | Get to Know the President with our Donald Trump Alexa Skill
Ask our President anything on your mind with the new Question Donald Trump Alexa Skill from Akvelon and the Skill will search through his quotes and find the answer
Trump Alexa Skill
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28 Nov Get to Know the President with our Donald Trump Alexa Skill

We always make sure to take full advantage of every opportunity we are given to hone our skills with new technology. We do this with internal hackathons and projects on a regular basis in our offices all over the world. Most recently, we had a lot of fun making a skill for Amazon’s Alexa called ‘Question Donald Trump’.


Click here to enable the ‘Question Donald Trump’ Skill for your Alexa or Echo!


‘Question Donald Trump’ allows users to ask how President Trump feels about any topic based on his previous interviews, quotes, and Tweets. The project uses quotes collected from President Trump’s Twitter profile, BrainyQuote, and the Politico website.

In addition to using the ‘Question Donald Trump’ Alexa skill for real Trump quotes, users can also generate quotes using any noun. Who knew Trump had such strong opinions about frozen yogurt?

Download the skill to your Alexa at this link, and follow these instructions and question examples. Then start asking questions of your own!


To start the ‘Question Donald Trump’ skill on your Alexa, say one of the following:

Alexa, start “Question Donald Trump”.

Alexa, ask Donald Trump what would he say about Hillary Clinton?
Alexa, ask Donald Trump what is the most emotional Trump quote?
Alexa, ask Donald Trump to generate a quote about peanut butter?

After the ‘Question Donald Trump’ skill is active, the ring at the top will light up blue. Now you can ask Alexa for quotes about some object, or an emotional Trump quote using a shorter phrase like the ones below.

Quotes about an object:
What would Trump say about America?
What about China?

Most emotional Trump quotes:
What is the most emotional Trump quote?
What is the most emotional Trump quote about Clinton?
What is the most emotional Trump quote from last week?
What is the most emotional Trump quote about America from last month?
What is the angriest Trump quote about Mexico?
What is the happiest Trump quote about Obama on last year?
What is the most unhappy Trump quote?

Generate Trump’s quote:
Generate quote about table.
Generate phrase about Che Guevara.

The Project Details:



Chat with Trump without an Alexa

Don’t have Alexa yet? No worries! The first iteration of this idea came in the form of a chatbot on a Telegram named Trumpobot. You can ask the Trumpobot about any topic and it will respond via text in the Telegram chat messaging app, in a browser, or mobile application.

Sign up for Telegram if you haven’t already, and chat with the Trumpobot here: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@Trumpobot


We would like to give a huge thanks to the engineers who worked on both of these fun applications:

Sergey Grebnov, Artem L., Denis K., Igor M., Viktor I., and Vincent H. all of whom were vital to these projects.

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to learn more about our Alexa Skills!

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