Akvelon Referral Bonus Program


Akvelon, Inc. is always looking for talented people to join our team and you can make money finding them! If you know someone who would be a great addition to our team and they meet the qualifications for any open position, refer them to referrals@akvelon.com to earn up to $1,000 per hire!


Refer prospective candidates who meet qualifications to referrals@akvelon.com and if your candidate is hired, you will receive up to $1,000 (less taxes) 90 days after their initial date of employment date! See back for rules and details.


Referral Bonus Program Rules

Akvelon referral bonus program rules:

  1. Non-employees are also eligible to participate in this program. Recruiters are not eligible to participate.
  2. Referred employees must begin employment within one year of the initial referral date.
  3. The $1,000 referral bonus applies only if the candidate is hired for a full time position.
  4. The referral bonus may vary up to $1,000 based on job type, duration, and placement requirement.
  5. To be eligible, the referrals must first be submitted to referrals@akvelon.com.
  6. Bonus is paid after the referral employee completes 90 calendar days of service.
  7. The first person to refer a candidate will be the only referring person eligible for payment
  8. All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with Akvelon’s policies and procedures.
  9. All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential

Reach out to adminsupport@akvelon.com with any questions.


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