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Case Study: Smart Scheduler and Lime Bot for Limeade

Business NeedLimeade, an employee engagement platform, wanted to increase users' participation in engagement activities by introducing weekly emails that suggest activities and available time slots by analyzing users' calendars. One of the challenges was reading users' calendar data, which could potentially include sensitive or private...

Case Study: Uber Bot

Business needFollowing the tremendous chat bot market growth, there was an obvious need to conduct research in this field and gain chat bot experience in Python, NodeJS, Azure and MS Bot Framework. With this in mind, an effort was taken to develop a chat bot...

Case Study: Office Bot

Business NeedRunning  a company is a large task. Even with a skilled managerial team, it can be hard to keep track of all pending and completed tasks that workers accomplish. Tracking, scheduling, and reporting tacks correctly can help a company thrive and can cut back...

Case Study: EVA Bot

Business Need Microsoft was in need of assistance at their Microsoft Executive Briefing Center within their headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft wanted to make it easier for their VIP customers to visit the center and needed a way to ensure operations at the center were running...

Case Study: Social Chat Bot

Business NeedAlthough internal networks can help employees in distributed teams communicate, some still feel disconnected from other teams within the company. The goal of this project was to connect employees from all teams across the globe and encourage them to engage in the company’s social...



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