Recognize Patterns and Use Your Data to Your Advantage with our AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Odds are that your business has a wealth of data at its fingertips. Data which could be related to your customers’ purchasing behavior and preferences, call center wait times, website traffic and more. No matter what the data is, it could hold patterns difficult to conceive at a passing glance. Those patterns may be able to help you make decisions to save time, money and help you focus on your bottom line.


Put Your Data to Work for You

Advances in AI and machine learning has allowed us to build algorithms for pattern recognition and data science, effectively putting your data to work for you.

What makes the process of our machine learning so attractive is the fact that once the process is created, the system will adjust future decisions based on up to the minute data from day to day.

This gives you the best insight possible to your business to help you make the best decision possible at a moment’s notice.

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Imagine the Possibilities for your business with an AI/ML

What You Can Gain from Automating Processes

Modern AI is able to accomplish a multitude of tasks from driving, to diagnosing illnesses, to facial recognition, and so much more.

Just think of the possibilities for your business! With our experience and creative approach, we can help you determine the best solution to affect the most important metric to your company.

Automating processes within your business can give you more time to focus on strategy from the data insights received with an AI or machine learning solution.

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Akvelon Knows AI and Machine Learning

With in-house experts who have earned their PhD’s in machine learning and AI, we are fully prepared to give your business processes the boost they need with automation and data analysis.

We have built facial recognition software using machine vision technology for one of the top NFL teams, we are experienced in implementing AI to track traffic patterns and used the information for automated data visualization and image processing.

In addition, we’ve worked with Microsoft Research on several of their prototype projects.

We specialize in using the Azure AI platform with its productivity tools and Cognitive Services. Other technologies we have experience with in the AI and ML space are Face API, Windows Presentation Foundation, Web cam integration, Tensorflow, OpenCV, and Scikit-learn, just to name a few.

We have the experience and the knowledge to get your business running automated processes with AI and machine learning solutions.