Healthcare & Life Sciences

Over the years, Akvelon has worked with dozens of clients in various aspects of the life sciences and healthcare industry, including hospital management, pharmaceuticals, virtual healthcare platforms, medical research, medical equipment manufacturing, and more.

Our healthcare practice and hands-on experience working with the most prominent organizations allowed us to build an unrivaled industry expertise and a reputation for being a trusted healthcare IT partner. 

We deliver HIPAA-compliant mobile, desktop, and web applications for healthcare & life sciences sector.

Banking & Finance

For over two decades, Akvelon has helped clients in Finance industry drive engineering and strategic advantage by leveraging emerging technologies, expediting time-to-value, and reducing operational costs.

Our consulting and engineering capabilities and vast expertise in Fintech empowers our clients to keep up with ever-changing regulations and rising customer expectations now, next, and beyond.

Software & Technology

Our clients in the Technology sector partner with us to deliver a wide range of software and SaaS platforms under the independent service provider, managed service, and consulting business models.

We are a trusted independent software vendor (ISV) that helps bridge the talent gap by providing special knowledge required to make applications for every conceivable vertical market or niche requirement. 

We power engineering advantage by building strong dedicated and blended teams for your projects and engineering your products end-to-end. Faster.

Business Services

Over two decades of engineering practice allowed us to gain an unrivalled practical experience in designing and delivering software from scratch for various clients in the Business Services sector, ranging from successful SaaS platform start-ups to Fortune 500 frontrunners in Legal.

We help drive business growth and productivity with automated reporting, legal document management, custom productivity tools, accounting software, actionable insights, predictive analytics, and beyond.

Manufacturing & Industrial

We leverage our engineering excellence in IoT and AI & ML domains to drive digital transformation of manufacturing operations for global CPG and industrial manufacturers.

We design, architect, and engineer manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software end-to-end to help our clients in the Manufacturing sector streamline processes across the board for seamless production planning, product lifecycle management, logistics, inventory, warehousing, and supply chain management.

Transportation & Logistics

With many of our Logistics and Transportation client relationships established over a decade ago, we can proudly say that we are the sector’s life-long trusted software engineering partner.

We possess mature industrial-grade processes, sharp-focused toward quality, reliability, and predictability. We leverage our excellence in engineering, AI & ML, IoT, and analytics to deliver the logistics, supply chain, ERP, terminal and freight management systems that power advantage across our clients’ value chains.

Marketing & Media

Leaders in Advertising, Marketing, and Media sector partner with us to benefit from our decades of industry-specific expertise. We leverage engineering, data analytics, machine learning, and UX design best practices to help them robustly scale, democratize data across the board, discover audience insights and new opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

We design and develop comprehensive marketing analytics, content management, CRM, and campaign management platforms that expedite business growth.

eCommerce & Retail

Our Retail clients take full advantage of our vast expertise in building enterprise resource planning, inventory management and CRM systems, point-of-sale (POS) software, CRM systems, order management, and retail accounting applications.

Our creative UX & UI team designs immersive digital customer experiences for web and mobile applications that we deliver for our SMB and Fortune 500 consumer goods, consumer electronics, and on-demand delivery clients.

Utilities & Energy

We are committed to environment and sustainability. We help our clients in the Renewable Energy and Environmental Services sectors make an impact by powering their engineering initiatives.

Our vast expertise and capabilities in IoT and embedded systems help us build highly efficient energy management software, HVAC control systems, and waste management software. We leverage advanced data analytics and machine learning to empower data-driven decisions and actionable insights for a cleaner future.