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Over the years, we have built our reputation creating ready-made solutions from Concept & Design to Development & Support. We offer custom solutions to meet your needs in AR & VR Development to help you advance your business.

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Akvelon offers various products and engineering services to transform your ideas into reality. We will help you develop consumer or business products and scale your company to new global markets.

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Virtual Dashboard VR

Our team developed a VR app that enables students to use a virtual whiteboard to aid learning in virtual classrooms.

Our Process:

Before starting the project, we performed a profound study on the 3D engines that we could use for the project and the VR headsets that are available on the market. We have chosen the Unity engine due to its rich functionality, the amount of available learning materials, and expertise with the .Net ecosystem. For the VR headset, we opted for a standalone room-scale Oculus Quest headset for its popularity, good performance, hand tracking via controllers, and 6 Degrees of Freedom movement.

Benefits and Results

Our team successfully:

  • Implemented the VR app with a virtual classroom that enabled students to use a virtual board with VR room equipment (a marker, an eraser, etc.) for educational purposes


  • Implemented user poses and synchronized animation via the server using real-time communication based on Websockets

  • Designed and implemented an intuitive whiteboard drawing experience, which helps to mimic real-life drawing and overcome tactile feedback limitations of VR

More details are available on our article published on the Medium platform.

HoloLens MiniGolf

Testing new technology can bring challenges, but also can be a highly rewarding experience. Our skilled developers created a completely new mixed-reality experience for the Microsoft HoloLens. We debuted our HoloLens MiniGolf game for visitors at the Akvelon exhibit space during the GeekWire Sports Tech Summit.


Akvelon’s MiniGolf experience for the Microsoft HoloLens allows its users to play a round of virtual golf in any room or in real-world space, and also showcases the possibility of pairing other devices with the HoloLens in order to use them as a controller or a tool, and to help with building the virtual course to fit real-world surroundings.


The HoloLens MiniGolf app can connect with its sister app on Android devices. This allows smartphones to be used as controllers for the putter in the MiniGolf experience. The Android apps also allow users to build a fully customized course featuring different obstacles to fit their surroundings.

Holographic Interior App

Holographic Interior App is a Microsoft HoloLens application written in C# and Unity3D that displays room interiors with furniture and other objects. Moderators create the room projects and add 3D furniture objects to fill them. As a result, clients can observe the room the way it would look with all the furniture arranged.

Achieved Goals

  • Thanks to our experience in design and development, we successfully created the Unity HoloLens-integrated application
  • While implementing the Holographic Interior App, our team also applied the existing practical experience of the VR app development in the framework of the Unity ecosystem and HoloLens

Other Akvelon AR / VR Projects

Akvelon Workout AR Mobile app

Akvelon developed a mobile app that gives users a personal trainer in their pocket using a smartphone, AR, Computer Vision, and ML. Check out the demo video here.

HoloLens MiniGames

Akvelon implemented 3 simple HoloLens applications that were built with Unity, the ultimate game development platform that provides built-in support of certain VR devices and OS. Read more in this case study.

ICEPortal (360-degree virtual tours)

Akvelon helped ICEPortal upgrade their technology, streamline their content creation and management processes, and design and develop an online platform capable of facilitating their overall company performance growth. Read more in this case study.

Pocket Barber (real-time mask development)

Akvelon developed a mobile application for barbershop clients that could help them choose a haircut, a mustache, or a beard style using real-time MR masks. The app makes it possible to see whether a new haircut will suit your face before it is actually done. Read more in this case study.


Akvelon completed extensive research and delivered an Oculus Quest VR game for a Game Jam contest.


Akvelon investigated and developed an Augmented Reality (AR) educational app that helps users learn how to play the piano.


Akvelon developed a VR game for a tech demo during an internal Hackathon. The game was designed to be fun and well-optimized to help players avoid motion sickness.


Akvelon designed and implemented a prototype mobile AR App that helps with router device setup and troubleshooting.


Akvelon researched and developed an Oculus Quest VR game for a game jam.

Yard Inventory Augmented Reality POC

Akvelon demonstrated a practical application for the possible uses of the Microsoft HoloLens in an industrial domain- a container terminal. Using our experience and knowledge of the container terminal operations, as well as our recent expertise in developing a yard inventory clerk application, we found out how AR usage can improve this application in terms of usability, perspective, and productivity.

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