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On-Premises AI for Engineering Teams, Akvelon Blog

On-Premises AI for Engineering Teams

In this article, we’ll dive into common concerns associated with LLM solution usage for business and explore how to address them. We’ll share our insights from evaluating the efficiency of self-hosted LLMs as an alternative that can be more beneficial regarding data protection. Moreover, we’ll define the optimal UI environments for interacting with LLMs.

Mobile Application Automation - Where to Begin?

Mobile Application Automation – Where to Begin?

Unleash the potential of mobile automation testing with Akvelon’s practical guide by our Senior QA Engineer, Maksim Laptev. Navigate the mechanics of mobile testing, explore Android and iOS intricacies, and optimize your approach with emulators, testing farms, and cloud solutions. Enhance product quality, streamline operations, and capitalize on the insights you gain.

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