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It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of Yana Rykhlitska.

At just 29 years old, Yana was killed on Friday, March 3rd while volunteering as a paramedic to help save the lives of her fellow Ukrainians in the Bakhmut area where her ambulance was fired upon by the invaders.

We are eternally grateful to Yana for all that she sacrificed in the fight for her country.
She was a true hero.

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We empower you for your engineering and strategic advantage and accelerate your path to value with predictable delivery and reliable innovation. Your success is our success, and you can count on us to give impetus to your initiatives and unlock the full potential of all technology domains.

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Make the Cloud your home and run your apps anywhere.

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Quality Engineering

We take Quality Engineering beyond software testing.

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Security & SecOps

Proactively secure your assets and create a comprehensive security posture

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Data & Analytics

Create a holistic data infrastructure and empower decisions.

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Databases & Storage

Organize any data and automate discovery to gain full control. Anywhere.

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Immersive digital experiences, usability, accessibility, and desirability.

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Embrace the Continuous philosophy to build better software. Faster.

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AI & Machine Learning

Become AI-fueled with us.

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Transform your bold ideas into Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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IoT & Embedded

Create connected environments and manage your edge devices from anywhere.

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Create secure enterprise apps and stay independent from Internet connectivity.

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Research & Consulting

Advice, assessment, technology consultancy, solution accelerators, and more.

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Deliver great web applications for your customers and end users.

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Design and create native, cross-platform, hybrid, or progressive mobile apps.

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Akvelon stands with Ukraine

We are proud partners of United With Ukraine, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides an easy way for people around the world to help and continuously support Ukraine. We have also created our own charitable foundation “Akvelon Ukraine Social Initiative" , a local non-profit organization that operates on the ground in Ukraine through the network of trusted volunteers who deliver humanitarian, medical, and tactical supplies to the front lines and hardest hit areas.

Please donate to United With Ukraine so that we continue to provide critical aid to those who need it most: