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Bridging the Gap between Data and Insight:
Akvelon’s Contributions to Microsoft Power BI

Akvelon’s team is proud to have contributed to Microsoft’s Power BI over the years, from helping their team develop over 30 custom visuals to providing infrastructure, quality assurance, and DevOps support. Akvelon also developed several Power BI custom visuals and offer them for free on Microsoft’s AppSource, helping companies from all over the globe turn their data into useful visuals.


Plotly JS

The Plotly.js Custom Visual by Akvelon combines Plotly.js, react-chart-editor, and Power BI to create over 40 types of customizable charts in Power BI. It includes a built-in editor for easy chart management within Power BI, addressing the pain point of creating and customizing charts in Power BI.


Premium Bubble Chart


The Bubble Chart by Akvelon simplifies the visualization of quantitative data with tightly packed bubbles. It allows users to create groups of bubbles and customize the visualization with image fields and hyperlinks.


Clustered Bar Chart

Clustered Bar Chart by Akvelon is an efficient tool for plotting bars based on category and value data. It supports rectangle selection, legend selection, and customizable bar colors, helping to plot bars based on category and value data in a user-friendly way.

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