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Our engineers have helped companies across industries leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to scale their business, optimize their processes, achieve their engineering initiatives, and deliver high performance to their customers.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects


reduction in work needed as reported by one of our clients, resulting in time & cost savings


reduction in manual work due to increased efficiency, as reported by another client

What we do

Computer Vision

Understand and interpret the visual world, generating AI visual art

Natural Language Processing

Develop intellectual agents that can handle natural languages, closely simulating human communication


Build AI systems that can process time series data. These systems are used in finance, healthcare, and other industries

Signal Processing

Create AI systems that can process signals such as audio, video, brain waves, and more

How AI & Machine Learning can benefit businesses


Save time and reduce costs by automating processes


Improve business value by predicting customer behavior, allowing to deliver preemptive care

Find insights by processing and interpreting immense amounts of data


Protect against risks and mistakes by reducing the chance of 'human error'


Our Partners

AI & Machine Learning step by step


Understanding Business Goals

  • Understanding business processes
  • Identifying problems and growth areas
  • Acknowledging and preparing for all potential risks
  • Defining success criteria

Data Exploration and Features Engineering

  • Identifying sources of data
  • Collecting data
  • Integrating data obtained from different sources
  • Preparing and cleaning data
  • Performing data augmentation
  • Crafting features using domain knowledge

Building ML Model

  • Model selection and validation
  • Model training
  • Model testing


  • Deploying the model
  • Monitoring the model
  • Evaluating new data
  • Adding extra functionality


  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Continuous improvement

Our AI & ML expertise map per domain

Akvelon AI & Machine Learning projects​

Machine Learning
Data de-identification

PHI Data De-Identification and Further Analysis

An AI-powered solution aimed at healthcare data security transformation helped our clients achieve an impressive 81% reduction in manual work. Our system, designed to de-identify PHI data with unparalleled accuracy, not only resulted in significant time and cost savings but also showcased our commitment to delivering innovative, client-focused solutions.

Conflict clearing

ML-Powered Solution to Find, Review and Clear Conflicts

A cutting-edge ML-based system seamlessly integrated into a platform for open conflicts, has sped up conflicts management, helping conflicts analysts locate, review, and resolve potential conflicts. Boasting a remarkable 37% reduction in manual work, the solution offers  robust support subsystems, setting a new standard for operational efficiency and innovation in the industry.


Advertising Campaign Evaluation

Delivered classification of user actions and attribution matching to predict the value and ROI from advertising campaigns, and then compare it with campaign costs.

Cat Translator App

Developed audio classification for a cat vocalizations translator using Machine Learning to operate on mobile devices. Used the YAMNet acoustic detection model (converted to a TFLite model) with transfer learning.

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Legal Documentation Automation

Performed entity extraction, text matching, tabular data classification, text similarity measurement, custom ML models development, categorization of legal documents, and legal conflicts searching.


Interactive Whiteboard

Created an interactive voice-controlled assistant for ad-hoc whiteboarding sessions to save all records made. Used a webcam, an edge detection algorithm, and human body segmentation with U-Net architecture.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Developed a recognition service to automatically detect open parking spots at busy parking lots that do not utilize painted parking lines.

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Warehousing Optimization

Warehousing Optimization

Tracking assets location using machine vision seems. Created own unlimited synthetic training datasets with Unity 3D and used U-Net segmentation models with different backbones (MobineNetV2, EfficientNetb0-4) for software.

Marketing Campaign Predictions

Marketing Campaign Predictions

Performed sequence prediction of the number of installs and total value of networks. Delivered a prediction of the clients’ and users’ Long Time Value by groups based on aggregated matching and event model for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Developed a deep learning model for analyzing customers’ attitudes in real-time via onsite cameras. Built using transfer-learning and expanding on a pre-trained model that was designed to detect facial expressions during trade shows, live demos, and in-store.

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Targeted Online Advertising

Targeted Online Advertising

Performed Bing search queries clusterization for our retail client, clustering their customers based on their product preferences for optimized and personalized online shopping experiences. Generated exciting and unique deals for users.

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Linkedin Research Optimization

Linkedin Research Optimization

Trained a classification model and clusterization to split LinkedIn users by groups according to their job description in order to optimize research on individuals and companies. Built n-dimensional vectors based on company description, and grouped companies by similarity.

Anomaly Detection
Time Series Anomalies Detection

Time Series Anomalies Detection

Developed a statistical model and neural networks to detect and predict variations (anomalies) in time series and textual data. Provided evaluation with static and dynamic threshold on a scarce training data set of log metrics in order to enable full monitoring for all clients of a web app.

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AI-Powered Smart Filter App

AI-Powered Smart Filter App

Developed picture processing and generation models for an application and web platform that transforms photos and videos into digital art using neural networks. Developed smart filters that replicate artistic styles of various artists.

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