Artificial Arts: Turn Photos into Art with Machine Learning

Date: April 29th, 2021 at 11:00 am PST

Find out how Akvelon is leveraging machine learning to turn photos into works of art with our AI ArtDive (previous Deep Art) platform!

In our webinar, we provide a live demo of AI ArtDive (previous Deep Art) and discuss the development of the machine learning algorithms that power our smart filters. Our AI ArtDive (previous Deep Art) platform has 15 unique filters that transform photos to appear like they came straight out of a retro video game, a Vincent van Gogh painting, a beautiful watercolor canvas, or other artworks.

Try out our AI ArtDive (previous Deep Art) platform yourself here:
• Web:
• iOS: 
• Android: 


Irina Nikolaeva

Data Scientist

Irina Nikolaeva is Data Scientist at Akvelon. On this project she (as part of a ML team,) develops machine learning pipeline for people re-identification. Having a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and  masters in applied mathematics, Irina is focused on a deep understanding of theoretical papers on machine learning and the ability to implement cutting-edge solutions.


Maxim Kostin

Architect and Senior Technical Account Manager

Maxim Kostin is an Architect and Senior Technical Account Manager at Akvelon. With a chance to work on a wide range of projects in mobile, desktop, web and cloud across a range of industries Max loves to tackle technical and organizational complexity in his projects. His earlier work on the PhD in High Performance Computing and ML applications helps him drive the AI initiatives across the company.



Askhat Bikmetov

Software Development Engineer

Askhat Bikmetov is a Software Development Engineer and Linux aficionado with over 5 years of experience building enterprise-grade software, focusing on the design and maintenance of complex client-side applications. Through his passion for problem-solving with code, as well as his software design and user experience, Askhat has provided technical expertise to various teams meeting industry standards and using cutting-edge technologies.


Ilya Polishchuk

Lead Software Engineer

Ilya Polishchuk is a Lead Software Engineer with over 10 years of software engineering experience at Akvelon. He led the development of several projects with Machine Learning such as DeepArt and participated implementation of the first filters. Early he worked on PhD thesis in the mathematical simulation of physical processes. A combination of software engineering experience and wide mathematical knowledge allows him to move forward with the Machine Learning direction at Akvelon.




Artur Khanin

Team Lead

Artur Khanin is a Team Lead at Akvelon with a wide range of experience starting from Web Development and finalizing with Data Engineering and Machine Learning. He is passionate about the Data Science sphere, and his master’s degree is strongly focused on AI/ML, that is why he drives the AI initiative in the Kazan office to make sophisticated and incredibly interesting algorithms applicable to real-world projects.



Erica Sundesten

Client Partner

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