Cloud Platform for Healthcare Provider​

Our client provides one of the most popular behavioral health platforms available to healthcare providers. They offer tools for providers to streamline documentation, increase efficiency, and enhance their productivity.


Cloud Platform for Clinics

Team size

53 members


2+ years



Business Need

Our client was looking to conquer the enterprise segment of the behavioral health market by providing a highly adaptable solution for automating processes in clinics. They found it crucial to boost their feature development and preserve a high level of quality to stand against long-established competitors. Given their limited budget, the highly competitive nature of Seattle’s labor market, and a short go-to-market timeline our client found it essential to procure a reliable and cost-effective software development partner.


Akvelon was initially brought on to address the lack of test automation in our client’s processes. We proposed an offshore test automation team. In less than 4 months, our team had fully covered all of the workflows in the main application within the platform with end-to-end tests.

Akvelon completed automation testing on different levels of the application, which improved the quality of the process, reduced regression failures, and uncovered many points for improvement. Due to the offshore-nature of the team, all tasks were completed well within the client’s budget.

To support the aggressive product roadmap, Akvelon was able to effectively ramp-up 10+ Agile cross-functional teams within four months. Those teams were able to deliver value for the product with limited involvement from our client’s management team, allowing them to concentrate on strategic aspects of platform architecture and product management, leading to a 500% increase of the engineering team’s productivity, and thus 60+ more features became available for early enterprise customers.

Benefits and Results

As a result of the involvement of Akvelon’s cross-functional teams, our client realized a competitive advantage by receiving the following:

  • Akvelon’s team has implemented more than 60 new product features, reduced technical debt, and increased quality by fixing more than 1000 defects. 
  • Our product managers, with vast technical background, specified 20+ features following modern UX techniques.
  • Our developers provided a solution for integration with a third party patient portal service, providing patients with live access to their medical data. 
  • The project greatly advanced the process of getting Meaningful Use (MU) certification – which is a major requirement for all medical apps.
  • Akvelon fully owned the implementation and maintenance of the client’s complex billing application, allowing them to manage patient insurances and authorizations, to work with insurance companies’ rejections, and to support individual encounter tracking from doctor visits to ensure they’re fully paid, and more.
  • Akvelon proposed and implemented the solution for an easy adjustment of the reporting system to public authorities in different states. As a result, there is no longer a need for additional development work to adopt our client’s platform for each state’s legislation (configuration only).
  • Akvelon’s specialists developed a daily e2e automated testing system which covers the main features of our client’s web-application containing 100+ complex multi-step scenarios. This system significantly reduced the time of manual testing needed during the release cycle. 
  • Akvelon test engineers also introduced BVT tests as a part of the deployment/release process, making it possible to reduce the number of blocking issues (non-functional environment, entire team is blocked, test cases are blocked) down to zero.
  • Akvelon proposed and implemented the process and tools for Quality Assurance stream which allowed the re-use of test cases, increased the transparency of testing process, and made it possible to collect metrics on problem areas of the application.

Technology Used

.Net, .Net Core, C#, WebAPI, Javascript, React, Angular 1.5, HTML5, Semantic UI, LESS/CSS, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Elasticsearch, AWS Kinesis, AWS SNS/SQS, AWS S3, Microservices, Swagger, Node.js, Gherkin, Selenium, WebdriverIO, Git, Ansible, Terraform, Linux, Windows, Jenkins

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