DevOps Services
Tailored for
the Healthcare Sector

enhanced efficiency

faster time-to-market

bullet-proof security


Providing the full spectrum of DevOps services for healthcare

At Akvelon, we offer advanced DevOps services designed for the healthcare industry – from moving to cloud to Machine Learning Ops.

Continuous Integration

Cloud Native DevOps


Security and compliance

AI/Machine Learning Ops

Site Reliability Engineering

Overcome healthcare tech challenges with DevOps services

We prioritize security, data protection, performance, and cost-efficiency as the foundational pillars of our work within healthcare infrastructure. This commitment guarantees reliability and strict compliance with safety measures.

Mitigate security threats

  • Firewalls encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security testing automation
  • Real-time system monitoring

Ensure stellar performance

  • Architecture improvements
  • Legacy systems modernization
  • Scalable solutions
  • Performance optimization

Prevent patient care disruption

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Secure protocols to connect databases
  • APIs for secure integration

Optimize and automate tech operations using
our DevOps services

Accelerate digital transformation and enhance software delivery performance by harnessing the expertise of Akvelon’s team.


of organizations will implement structured automation to deliver flexibility and efficiency by 2025.*


CI/CD automation pipeline

Enable simultaneous releases and deliver software updates faster for applications with custom-made CI/CD pipelines.

Accelerated development cycles

Integrate code changes frequently through central repository merges and facilitate quicker bug detection by our developers and QA engineers.

Swift deployment of updates

Leverage automation to seamlessly deploy software updates to production environments, using the capabilities of infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration management tools.

Reduced costs

Optimize resource utilization and save costs by minimizing manual tasks and reducing downtime with CI/CD automation.


Resilient microservices architecture

Integrate an effective resilience strategy for microservices applications to respond to failures without any downtime or data loss.

High scalability

Scale up microservices independently without affecting other services using pools, clusters, and grids to ensure app flexibility.

Version control

Embrace version control to track the evolution of changes, monitor deployment access clusters, and gauge their impact on the application.

Fault isolation & tolerance

Ensure the system continues functioning despite failures or errors in some components and enable faster recovery with isolated microservices.


Continuous system monitoring

Track the software performance to ensure the system works at its optimal level by integrating self-monitoring analytics.

Internal microservice monitoring

Allow us to conduct in-depth system monitoring to detect any issues that may arise following changes to the environment or dependent services.

External microservice monitoring

Let us ensure continuous visibility into the status of your microservices, enabling us to receive alerts, even in situations where the entire environment experiences unavailability.

Application performance monitoring

Prevent unexpected spikes in memory usage or memory leaks by actively monitoring and identifying patterns that require attention and fixes.


Data protection and security

Safeguard sensitive information and proactively eliminate security vulnerabilities through our all-encompassing data protection solution.

Secure data sharing

Share sensitive, confidential, or even restricted information by employing robust end-to-end encryption, access controls, and various authentication methods (e.g. MFA, SSO).

Compliance with regulations

Let us ensure your system complies with data protection standards and regulations (e.g. HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR) by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities.

Protected communication channels

Utilize secure communication channels to thwart unauthorized and potentially malicious actors. Let us integrate encrypted email communications and fortified network connections.

Transformative influence of DevOps
services on healthcare businesses

Prioritizing security and continuous availability, DevOps safeguards patient data and ensures continuous patient care, enhancing trust and efficiency in the industry.

Transformative influence of DevOps services on healthcare businesses

Our solutions adhere to HIPAA security and privacy standards

Data Encryption

Data De-Identification

HL7 Standards

Secure Access Control

Protected Cloud Storage

Privacy-Preserving ML

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Transform your healthcare business by optimizing processes and ensuring top-tier security.

Have a question?

What are the benefits of DevOps in healthcare?

Healthcare DevOps offers several benefits to organizations, including accelerated development cycles, reduced deployment errors, enhanced collaboration among teams, and improved overall efficiency in delivering healthcare solutions.

What are the key challenges in DevOps healthcare IT infrastructure?

Challenges in healthcare IT infrastructure include data security and privacy concerns, interoperability issues between different systems, compliance with healthcare regulations, and the need to maintain high availability for critical medical services.

How can DevOps in healthcare improve data security?

By implementing DevOps, healthcare organizations can enhance data security through continuous monitoring, rapid response to potential threats, and automated security testing in the software development process.

What is the impact of DevOps on patient care?

DevOps in healthcare can positively impact patient care by enabling faster deployment of healthcare applications, reducing downtime, and enhancing the reliability of medical systems. This, in turn, improves the overall patient experience and outcomes.

How do healthcare organizations ensure compliance with industry regulations?

Healthcare organizations can achieve compliance through rigorous security measures, regular audits, encryption of sensitive data, adherence to industry standards like HIPAA, and continuous training of staff on data protection practices. DevOps in healthcare helps ensure all the regulations are followed.