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Strengthening Business at Every Stage With Generative AI

We help businesses increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction through GenAI-powered automation and hyper-personalized customer experiences.


of all data will be produced by generative AI by 2025

Source: Gartner


Generative AI Strategy and Consulting

Discover what revolutionary advantages generative AI can bring you and how to make it happen. We conduct comprehensive feasibility studies to define the most suitable use cases for generative AI in business and ensure that the application of GenAI aligns with your objectives.

  • Business case analysis
  • Your data analysis
  • Project estimation and planning
  • POC development


GenAI Model Customization and Training

Explore perfectly fine-tuned GenAI models that ensure high accuracy in processing your data. Utilizing pre-trained models as a foundation, we leverage experimentation to refine them. Additionally, our rigorous governance and auditing processes provide transparency and effective model management.

  • Fine-tuning
  • LLM prompt engineering
  • Reinforcement learning from human feedback


Model Deployment and Productization

Bridge the gap between research and real-world application with Akvelon, ensuring efficient usage of GenAI models’ capabilities as part of a software product. We'll help you integrate GenAI models into your target environment and transform them into market-ready products.

  • Transforming the model into a market-ready product
  • Adapting the model to hardware, software, or infrastructure requirements
  • User interface, APIs, and software packages development


GenAI Model Maintenance and Scaling

Unlock peak efficiency as we fine-tune your GenAI models for specific tasks, optimizing hyperparameters and prompts while reducing service costs. We'll also safeguard you against undesirable output from your model through runtime response verification and adjust responses to the desired tone of voice or manner of speaking.

  • Data and model drift management
  • Prompt design and optimization to avoid hallucinations
  • Hyperparameters optimization
  • Distillation for cost efficiency of on-prem LLMs
  • Runtime response verification
  • Model quantization and pruning


Generative AI Security and Compliance

Ensure that your model is safe, ethical, and trustworthy by leveraging our expertise in meeting regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. We prioritize safeguarding your business and customers' privacy and data integrity by mitigating misuse and improving your model’s robustness.

  • Data privacy preservation
  • Data bias check
  • GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance
  • Data integrity preservation

How We Build Tailored Generative AI Solutions

Get unparalleled results with our all-encompassing strategy for building, implementing, and fine-tuning generative AI solutions.

How We Build Tailored Generative AI Solutions

How Businesses Innovate Right Now Using Generative AI

Benefit from GenAI and our expertise to power your business with a revolutionary advantage. Check out how we help companies get a competitive edge.

Generative AI for Customer Service

Streamline your customer operations and enhance both customer support and user experience with intelligent GenAI-powered chatbots and assistants.


Educational portals

Streamline your customer operations and enhance both customer support and user experience with intelligent GenAI-powered chatbots and assistants.


Cost-effective, round-the-clock assistance

Use generative AI to create tailored responses and recommendations that reach customers immediately, reducing wait times and increasing user satisfaction.


Multilingual support

Deliver personalized interactions in any language, catering to diverse customer bases with multilingual chatbots that comprise GenAI and LLMs.


Document processing and summarization

Utilize GenAI to improve document search, understanding, and summarization. The technology can help users identify specific information in docs, such as key concepts and entities, and quickly get the overall meaning of a document or its summary.

Real-Time Personalization and Content Creation

Engage your audience with captivating content using GenAI-powered intelligent solutions, tailored to your business needs.


Automated content generation

Produce top-notch product descriptions, marketing copy, and compelling blog posts with GenAI. Save valuable time and resources while maintaining content quality.


Personalized messages at scale

Enhance engagement and conversions by reaching an unlimited number of customers and potential prospects with personalized emails that are generated by AI.


Specific customer segments targeting

Create personalized marketing campaigns, laser-targeted ads, news feeds, and spot-on product recommendations for each customer segment with GenAI's precision

GenAI-Powered Product and Software Development

Optimize your project's development and release cycles with Akvelon's GenAI excellence, propelling your company to the forefront of technological advancement.


Generative design

Accelerate product development in your industry, be it biotech or physical product design, with a swift generation of manufacture-ready, tailored design options.


Code generation based on natural language descriptions

Transform your code descriptions into actual code pieces with GenAI. Save valuable time and effort, allowing developers to focus on higher-level tasks.


AI-powered coding

Supercharge software development with GenAI's intelligent code completion, generating code snippets and context-based functions for faster coding.


Software testing and quality

Leverage Generative AI to produce new test cases and scenarios based on your data, ensuring optimal product optimization and quality before launch.

Generative AI Services for Image and Video Synthesis

Unlock the potential of cutting-edge image and video synthesis AI. Our advanced Diffusion Models-powered solutions help create realistic visuals for design and entertainment.


Diffusion Models-powered image and video synthesis

Generate lifelike images and video clips with Diffusion Models. Perfect for video games, VR, and animation, these models learn to generate data by reversing a gradual de-noising process, removing the noise over a series of timesteps.


Style transfer and artistic expression

Embrace GenAI for digital art and graphic design, allowing you to transfer the style of one image to another and create unique visuals that will captivate your audience


Content generation from prompts

Experience the magic of generative AI for marketing and artistic purposes. Transform brief text prompts and descriptions into images and videos that are indistinguishable from the real world.


Data augmentation and sample generation

Using generative AI, enrich your datasets with synthetic samples, enhancing your training data for the development of robust and accurate models.


clinicians affirm that AI has had an influence on the handling of patient data, resulting in increased accuracy and speed of the processes.

Source: Gartner

Step into generative AI excellence with Akvelon – let’s discuss how we can power your business!

Turbocharging Innovation With a Cutting-Edge Generative AI Tech Stack

We strategically employ an advanced generative AI tech stack, delivering groundbreaking solutions that elevate your business.

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Why Choose Akvelon?

With Microsoft and Google-certified engineers aboard, as well as experts with vast hands-on experience in OpenAI, Akvelon assures industry-leading, transformative generative AI in business.

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What are the applications of generative AI with Akvelon?

At Akvelon, generative AI is mainly leveraged for customized content creation, dynamic recommendation systems, proactive infrastructure management, streamlined quality assurance, and numerous industry-specific solutions. The applications of generative AI that we offer can be customized, adapted, and designed to meet a wide range of business needs and goals.

How can various sectors prepare themselves for the transformative effects of GenAI?

Learn continuously and stay updated with the latest developments and breakthroughs in generative AI to anticipate changes and leverage new opportunities. We can also suggest taking the following steps to prepare for efficient GenAI usage:

  • Make sure to upskill employees to ensure they can operate and innovate with generative AI technologies effectively.
  • Establish clear ethical standards for the use of generative AI to promote responsible and fair practices.
  • Foster a collaborative environment involving business leaders, academics, and policymakers to tackle emerging challenges and develop proper regulations.
What is a complimentary generative AI?

Complementary generative AI refers to the use of generative AI systems in a way that enhances, augments, or supplements human abilities rather than replacing them. It focuses on areas where AI can add value to human tasks, thus creating a harmonious human-AI interaction. 

For instance, in content creation, while humans bring creativity and cultural context, complementary generative AI can help scale up the production process or offer new ideas based on vast datasets.

What’s unique about Akvelon’s generative AI services?

Akvelon offers bespoke AI models, specifically tailored to meet your unique business needs. 

Our team of seasoned AI engineers and data scientists, equipped with the latest industry knowledge, ensure the delivery of avant-garde solutions.

We leverage generative AI's diverse applications across industries and always adhere to strict ethical standards, addressing potential biases and privacy issues. 

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