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How Does the AI-Based UI Testing Tool Work?

Creating effective interfaces that not only meet user expectations but also enhance overall user experience, all while effectively addressing the distinctive needs of businesses, constitutes a crucial aspect of application development. However, the identification of design flaws during the initial stages of development prior to implementation by developers frequently poses a significant challenge. In response to this, the Akvelon team has developed an AI-based testing tool.

The main goals of DRI Copilot tool

Image and Text Analysis

Screenshots from the application's interface are first put into the multimodal neural network, which works with text copies, images, and other types of data.

Drafting Test Plans

The tool then uses retrieved information to create a test plan draft in Gherkin format. This draft outlines scenarios and steps that match the visuals in the screenshots.

Self-Check and Review

The tool includes a self-check where it compares the test plans it made to quality standards. It reviews itself to make sure the test scenarios are correct and complete.

The Advantages of the AI-Based UI Testing Tool

Akvelon’s AI-powered UI testing tool helps users create testing plans up to 30x faster on average according to our estimations, producing test scenarios that are perfectly aligned with the requirements that are used for testing by teams that perform the testing manually. With our AI-based UI testing tool, you can:

  1. Ensure your app is designed to perform as expected

    Identify potential problems early in the development process, saving time and resources in the long run.

  2. Create comprehensive test plans faster

    Automatically test user flows, or separate features added to the interface, ensuring comprehensive testing of the application's functionality.

  3. Adjust syntax and format to your project’s requirements

    Test plans can be generated in the format you need, ensuring consistency across all produced test documents.

Among the most important advantages of our AI-based UI testing tool are the following:

Mitigation of Usability Issues

Increased Cost Efficiency

Faster Test Plan Generation

Business Impact

Generating test plans based on the provided visualization of interfaces takes approximately 120 seconds.

The tools can potentially increase efficiency up to 30x times, comparable to the quality produced by a QA specialist.

To control privacy and security, it’s possible to run our AI-powered tool using self-hosted LLMs like LLAVA.

Our tool enables users to test certain elements in the updated design, increasing the overall speed of the SDLC.

Streamline your UI testing and reduce the cost of fixing design stage defects using our AI-based
UI testing tool!