MeowTalk: How Akvelon Built the First Cat Translator Using AI and Machine Learning

With MeowTalk's cat translation technology, you can finally understand what your cat is trying to say. Every cat has their own unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners. For instance, each cat has their own distinct meow for phrases like "feed me" or "let me out".

MeowTalk: How Akvelon Built the First Cat Translator Using AI and Machine Learning

Date: September 30th, 2020 at 11:00 am PST

Find out how Akvelon leveraged AI and machine learning to create MeowTalk, the first cat translating app, in this free webinar.

With MeowTalk, you can create a profile for your cat and start using its auto-recognition to translate your cat's meows. Several translations are already built-in, but specific translations will require a little training of the app to recognize your cat’s specific vocabulary. If you know a translation is wrong, just fix it through the app and select the correct translation. MeowTalk learns with each translation you confirm.

Key areas that were discussed during this webinar:

  1. Introduction to the MeowTalk cat translator app
  2. Architecture overview
  3. Using transfer learning to build cat-specific intent classification models
  4. Overcoming accuracy challenges
  5. Implementing the wake word detection model on iOS using TensorFlow Lite

Try out the MeowTalk app for free on Android or iOS

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Doug Sandstedt

Client Partner

Doug Sandstedt is a Client Partner at Akvelon, where he helps engineering leaders solve complex engineering challenges and scale their software teams. Doug has lived in the northwest for the majority of his life and recently settled down in Kirkland, Washington to be closer to his clients that he works with on a daily basis. Following his graduation from the Carson College of Business Management at Washington State University, Doug worked in commercial insurance partnering with technology companies in the Greater Seattle area. With an evolving passion for the tech world, Doug pivoted into the software industry joining SAP in 2015 and eventually joined Akvelon in 2018 with a focus on helping each of his clients grow professionally and advance in their careers.


Javier Sanchez

Group Technical Program Manager

Javier is a Group Technical Program Manager at Akvelon, where he spends his time ensuring the successful delivery of key projects.

Javier received his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas and a Masters of Science in Information Assurance from Norwich University.

Javier started his career in Information Security and Aerospace Cybersecurity before switching to Technical Project Management when he joined Akvelon in 2011. In 2015 he joined Amazon AWS as a Sr.

Technical Project Manager on the Solution Architects team and then moved to Alexa in 2016 where drove the Alexa portion of the AWS Lex product launch. After the Lex launch in 2016, Javier rejoined Akvelon as a member of the Delivery Team where he helps Akvelon deliver on key projects and commitment.

Danylo Kosmin

Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist

Danylo “Danny” Kosmin is a Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist at Akvelon, where he works with Neural Networks and Machine Learning algorithms for various client projects.

After working with several technologies including game development, front-end and back-end development, and databases, Danylo chose to earn his Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics because he found Machine Learning to be the most interesting technology in the computer science field.

Danylo is part of the MeowTalk team where he implements training pipelines and audio processing.

Maxim Petrov

Android Developer

Maxim is a mobile developer at Akvelon where he develops Android and iOS mobile applications.

Maxim earned a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and then began working at Akvelon, where he has contributed to several mobile projects for clients over the years.

Maxim now leads the development of the MeowTalk application for Android.