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We will empower your strategic advantage accelerating your path to value in Data and Analytics, AI/ML, Application development, and more with innovation and predictable delivery

Google Cloud Partner

We specialize in designing and building customized data & analytics software to help you drive innovation with informed decisions

Data Modernization

We'll gather essential data points, ensure quality, transform for valuable insights, and securely store your data in a data warehouse optimized for in-depth analytics whenever you need to utilize your data from multiple sources, both batch and streaming.

We deliver:

  • Needs and goals analysis
  • Data System Architecture
  • Migrating data to modern, cloud-based warehouse systems
  • Batch and streaming data processing
  • Data quality and data cleansing
  • Sensitive data de-identification

Business Intelligence

Using the latest visualization tools, we'll help you develop business indicators that can be shared at all levels, providing deeper insight into everyday operations and revealing potential connections between previously unknown datasets.

We can help you by:

  • Discovering insights to drive actions
  • Completing comprehensive data integration
  • Developing reports
  • Implementing Custom
  • Data Visualizations
  • Visualizing geospatial data insights with Google Earth Engine


We use AI-powered analytics to transform data into valuable insights for businesses across industries by analyzing vast amounts of information to classify data, uncover relationships, make recommendations, and predict changes.

Our AI-driven analytics approach:

  • Use-case ROI analysis
  • Data and feature engineering
  • Picking the right AI\ML model for classification, clustering, forecasting, and time-series issues
  • Implementing custom models and training pipelines with
  • TensorFlow
  • Integrating AI models into data processing

As a Google Partner, we stay up-to-date with Google's latest tools and technologies, enabling us to provide innovative and effective data analytics strategies to our clients.

We have an established Google Cloud services practice, with a proven track record of customer success and technical capabilities in Data and Analytics.

Our team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to delivering customized services that meet the unique needs of each client, empowering them to make informed decisions, improve their processes, and ultimately achieve business success.


Google Cloud certified
software engineers

Get expert assistance from a highly skilled team of engineers from around the globe.

Our company has extensive experience in leveraging Google products to drive business success.

We utilize the full capabilities of the Google Cloud platform, including:


Customer success stories

Google Cloud Expertise

Data Processing

Protegrity Tokenization for Google Cloud

Through Akvelon’s ongoing partnership with Protegrity, Akvelon designed and developed a Google DataFlow template that allows Protegrity’s customers to tokenize and detokenize streaming and batch data


Apache Beam Contribution

Akvelon continuous contribution to the Apache Beam OSS project helps the community to ramp up the knowledge and reduces the level of discomfort with the Beam framework 

beam-logo-full-color-name-right 1

Google Cloud DataFlow
Apache Beam

Data Ingestion

AI-driven Data Insights

Meowtalk - Give Your Cat a Voice App Platform

Akvelon’s expertise in Data and Analytics, AI/ML, and Application development has led to the development of a robust platform that handles over 8 million cat profiles and has processed over 250 million intents using Google Cloud BigQuery ML, Pub/Sub, Firebase, Functions, and AppEngine


Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Google BigQuery ML

Google Vertex AI

Data Visualization

New Bubble Chart Visual

In collaboration with Google Cloud and Looker, Akvelon has developed Bubble Chart, a tool that enables users to visualize their data that has one numeric dimension and one or two categories, allowing them to show more categories in a given space


Looker Studio

AI-driven Data

Integration of Google Document AI into Contracts & Resources Management

Akvelon’s developers created a micro service that streamlines paper documents digitization with the help of Google Cloud Document AI framework

Google Vertex AI

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Google Cloud Dataflow
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Beam day |
Dataflow Templates

Beam Learning Month #1:
Dataflow Templates

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