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Easily connect your data in Power BI with the powerful visualization capabilities of Plotly.JS, no coding required.

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Are you looking for ways to make your Power BI dashboards visually compelling without delving into complex coding?

Try out our Plotly.JS visual to upgrade your visual experience!

  • Our product combines the power of Plotly.JS, react-chart-editor, and Power BI to provide an easy-to-use tool that lets you create stunning visualizations in just a few clicks.
  • By providing interactive and customizable data visualizations, Plotly.JS can help to work more efficiently and effectively with data.
  • Whether you're a seasoned data professional or just starting out, you'll be able to create complex charts and graphs that bring your data to life.

Versatile Charting Options

  • Select among diverse chart types: line charts, scatter plots, bar charts, waterfall bar charts, pie charts, donut charts, bubble charts, error bars charts, box plots, horizontal box plots, grouped box plots, histograms, stacked histograms, 2D density plots, heatmaps, waterfall charts, indicators, funnel charts, contour plots, ternary plots, ribbon plots, 3D surface plots, 3D scatter plots, 3D mesh plots, and 3D line plots
  • Combine multiple charts on a single canvas
  • Customize your visualizations with custom annotations, shapes, tooltips, and HTML text with Plotly.JS tooltips. For extended customization try our visual support for Power BI tooltips, available for a free trial

Easy to Use and Collaborate

  • Intuitive GUI. Plotly.JS visuals offer a well-organized and intuitive GUI, making it easy to create professional-grade visualizations without requiring specialized technical skills or knowledge
  • View and edit modes. Two modes of the visual are supported: view mode, which renders the current chart with the specified data, and edit mode, which allows users to create, update, and delete charts
  • Data filtering and cross-filtering. Easily filter and cross-filter your data, gaining deeper insights and understanding of your data
  • Web publishing and collaboration. Publish your visualizations to the web, share and collaborate with others, and improve communication and alignment across teams

Seamless Integration
with Power BI

  • Reusing existing solutions. Connect your data in Power BI with the capabilities of the Plotly.js visualization library, allowing you to reuse knowledge and existing solutions in your Power BI reports and dashboards
  • Self-contained and no additional libraries required. Quickly and easily incorporate Akvelon's Plotly.JS visuals into your existing workflows without adding unnecessary complexity or overhead thanks to their being self-contained and not requiring additional libraries or packages

Plotly.JS visuals can help to solve challenges
related to data analysis, communication, and decision-making:

Limited visualization options in Power BI:

Power BI has built-in visualizations, but they may not always be sufficient for complex data sets. Plotly.JS visuals can help to expand the range of visualizations available in Power BI, allowing users to create more customized and interactive visuals.

Difficulties in combining multiple charts:

Power BI's built-in visualizations often do not allow for easy combination of multiple charts on a single canvas. Plotly.JS visuals provide this capability, making it easier for users to gain insights from multiple data sets in one place.

Lack of customization options:

Power BI's built-in visualizations may not always provide the level of customization required for specific business needs. Plotly.JS visuals offer nearly infinite customization options, allowing users to create tailored and personalized visuals that meet their specific needs.

Limited sharing and collaboration options:

Power BI's built-in visualizations may not always be easily shared or collaboratively edited by other users. Plotly.JS visuals can be easily published to the web and shared with others, enabling better collaboration and communication across teams.

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