Premium Custom Visuals for Microsoft Power BI

Every organization has their unique data needs. Determining and implementing those needs can often be difficult. With so many ways to visualize data, we can help your organization discover the best process to find value in displaying this information.

Turn your data into compelling visuals

Premium Bubble Chart, KPI Chart, Custom Calendar and Hierarchy Chart

Akvelon has experience creating more than 30 data visualization software applications and nearly a dozen for Power BI exclusively. Our experience and knowledge of visual implementation have led us to a track record of success and it has quickly become one of our passions as a software consulting company.

Premium Bubble Chart

Create and customize your bubble chart with varying sizes, colors, adding images and more.

One of the most user-requested features for this visual, the Drill Down feature is a valuable tool for users who have a hierarchical category structure.

With this feature turned on, users can assign their bubbles to a hierarchy of categories and drill down or up to view every level in the visual.

Premium Hierarchy Chart

Show any type of hierarchical data in a customizable tree format with expandable sections, various shape options and more.

Premium Custom Calendar

Premium Custom Calendar

Change how you view and display daily data from any source with customizable calendar colors, sizing, fonts and more.

Premium KPI Chart

Combine a line chart and column chart to create one single customizable visualization that shows correlation between two measures.

Premium KPI Chart