Product Management & UX Design

Akvelon’s Product Management & User Experience (UX) Design practice provides a comprehensive range of services to envision, plan, design, and launch your technology product. If your goal is to create a new commercial product, increase market growth, or even build an internal system, our product managers and business analysts can work with you to identify the business opportunities that will help your organization compete better in the marketplace.

Whether you’re a tech startup looking for some outside expertise or an established company without an in-house Product Management or User Experience Design department, Akvelon’s PM & UX consultants work with you to leverage expertise earned from hundreds of client engagements over nearly 20 years.


Product Management Services

Depending on your business goals and service needs, Akvelon’s product management service offering can include:

  • Product inception & ideation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • Roadmap development & release planning
  • Agile/Scrum product ownership
  • Product backlog management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Product/market fit analysis
  • Product or service pricing
  • Go-to-market strategy

A well-maintained product roadmap and backlog are integral to the long-term success of any technology initiative.

Akvelon Product Managers work with you to assess existing technology assets and IP to determine how best to leverage past investments toward future growth and new intellectual property.

Our PMs define meaningful groupings of technology deliverables across mid-term and long-term timeframes and harmonize active and potential technology initiatives to align development strategies, customer experience, and release cadence.

Akvelon is particularly well-positioned to provide competitive analysis and go-to-market strategy services for clients whose competitors may restrict their in-house staff’s ability to research and assess competitive offerings.

Akvelon Product Managers evaluate the business landscape, ecosystem, competitive threats, and overall opportunity to increase revenue or reduce costs through new technologies. Our PMs deliver go-to-market strategies and channel recommendations for selling the completed product to new and existing customers as well as rollout strategies for deployment, delivery, and ongoing support.

User Research & UX Design services

As part of our Product Management practice, Akvelon’s UX services can ensure that the product you deliver to your customers and users meets the highest standards of usability, accessibility, and desirability.

Akvelon’s user researchers and UX designers perform qualitative research with stakeholders and end users to understand the customer journey, their pain points, and opportunities to improve the customer experience through modern design.

Researchers also perform quantitative research through surveys, interviews, and instrumentation to determine user behaviors, preferences, and demographics relevant to technology utilization.

Finally, in preparation for the development or implementation effort, the designers and researchers can deliver user personas, demographic analyses, product wireframes or mockups, and design templates.

Lightweight methodologies and industry best practices

Although Akvelon offers a full range of Product Management and UX Design services, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that we enforce on our clients – the specific activities can be tailored to your project and business’s unique needs.

Similarly, Akvelon Product Managers are experienced with a variety of methodologies and frameworks. Whether you adopt Agile frameworks such as Scrum or follow more traditional SDLC processes for your engineering efforts, the Akvelon Product Management team will adapt to your needs while recommending best practices.

For example, a lightweight Product Management engagement can get a project off the ground in just a week or two, while some clients benefit from ongoing Product Management engagement over the full lifecycle of their products, from inception through iteration across multiple releases spanning several years.