Your products need protection, your company deserves conservation, you need to be
Secure By Design

Online security is a necessity, not an option. Your products need to be secure to protect your company and your employees and at only  around 1% development costs, Akvelon’s Secure By Design will safeguard your information for you.

Secure By Design provides hacker tracking every step of the way

As time goes on, it gets harder and harder for companies to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Hackers are getting smarter and quicker, and with the advancement of technology, they are finding new ways to penetrate a company’s firewalls and break into their security system.

We combat this problem by assigning experienced and highly trained security engineers to our customers who will be right by your side throughout all development stages to ensure the safety and protection of your companies information.

Secure By Design will save your company money

How cost effective is Secure By Design? Extremely.

Secure By Design is a preventative system rather than a reactive system. This means that we will prevent problems from occurring in the first place instead of waiting for a cyber-attack to happen and then having to take the time to fix it.

According to IBM research, the cost of fixing a cyber-attack related problem is exponentially higher than implementing a preventative system.

The Secure By Design Process

Security issues can occur from the very beginning of the development process. To combat this possible issue, a skilled security engineer will ensure that all security requirements have been met.

Review Foundation 

Security breaches that occur in the foundation of your product are time consuming and expensive to fix. That’s why Secure-By-Design makes sure that the foundation of your product meets all standards and requirements to keep your information safe.

Training Developers 

To guarantee the continued security of your information, our team will take the time to educate your developers so they are able to spot potential problems or issues. This way they are given the skills to effectively problem solve and identify any issues right away.

Code Security

To ensure the highest level of technical security, our security engineers will review and test your coding to identify any weaknesses within your product that could make your company vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Product Security Scan

After following each step of the process carefully, our team will review your product one more time to ensure that every security risk has been resolved and every aspect of your product is protected and secure.