Software Security Strategies

As technology continues to grow, the need for security has never been more important to ensure the success of businesses, software, and assets. Keeping software secure from potential attacks with a security strategy is crucial to a company’s ability to function smoothly and effectively. From properly prepared data transmission to application hardening, every aspect of software security is given appropriate importance and handled responsibly. Our approach to building software requires security at the forefront of every decision, start to finish.


Secure Solutions by Design

Akvelon has been in business for more than seventeen years headquartered in Seattle, one of the leading technology hubs in the world, allowing us to contribute to the growth of technologies and team with the top tech firms with specific software needs for data protection and security.

In addition, we have several offices around the world giving us a unique perspective on how to meet the security needs of many different types of organizations, and their software, from companies on an international level.

We have proven methods of creating end-to-end software security strategies that can grow with you as your business and technology progresses.

End-to-End Software Security

Risk Assessment

Discover the weak points in your security strategy with our security and risk assessment auditing process

Data Protection and Privacy

Secure the information most sensitive to you, and your clients, from all access points

Mobile Security

Protect applications and software at all times, in all locations

Industry Leading Certifications

We are certified software security providers with cutting-edge “security-first” engineering experience


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