The Future of Networking – Analyzing Engagement Marketing with Akvelon’s Conference Booth Assistant

Date: This webinar took place at 11am on Wednesday December 9th, 2020

In the past, tradeshows and conferences have been some of the most advantageous ways for companies and professionals to network, generate high quality leads, and bolster brand awareness.

However, the future of networking will need to change in order to survive in a post-pandemic world when COVID-19 prevention measures lessen so that these events can revert from virtual to physical once again. Required PPE, wider paths and less booths to enable proper social distancing, and significantly reduced maximum event capacity are just a few measures that will likely be taken in order to keep attendees and exhibitors safe.

However, these will pose issues for companies that are exhibiting at events, especially when it comes to reducing their booth staff members to allow for more attendees to make up as much of the events’ maximum capacities as possible.

That is where Akvelon’s Conference Booth Assistant comes in. With CBA, companies will get access to live analytics of their booths’ engagement, allowing them to reduce their booth staff significantly.

In fact, CBA can run completely autonomously after it’s been set up, allowing more attendees to visit their booth demo’s without worrying about social distancing from any booth staff. Akvelon’s Conference Booth Assistant Development team discuss CBA will empower companies to analyze their engagement marketing in the post-pandemic future of networking.