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GitHub Copilot Efficiency Survey

Get a detailed report dedicated to GitHub Copilot efficiency, which explores how this tool benefits projects under real-life product development circumstances.

Github Copilot Efficiency

From this survey, you’ll learn about:

  • GitHub Copilot impact evaluation
  • The fields of GitHub Copilot optimal application
  • In which areas GitHub Copilot delivers the most value 
  • GitHub Copilot suggestions accuracy
  • What is an increase in coding speed

Explore GitHub Copilot efficiency report

Most of the developers were handling back-end related real-world tasks on the projects where they had a chance to test GitHub Copilot and estimate GitHub Copliot efficiency while determining how good it is in code refactoring, writing clean code, and testing. From this whitepaper, you’ll get real data that is based on Akvelon team's experience.

Access our guide for expert insights and practical examples of GitHub Copliot efficiency across various tasks