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Enhance Quality & Reduce Costs With Top LLMs for Translation

Download our whitepaper and find out how to reduce translation expenses by up to 90%, leveraging LLMs for translation and localization needs.

LLM-powered_translations whitepaper by Akvelon

From this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • Results from our real-world translation accuracy survey: LLMs against Google Translate and DeepL
  • How much businesses can save leveraging OpenAI and Google LLMs instead of specialized translation tools
  • Proven strategies for fine-tuning models and crafting prompts
  • Specifics of using AI to translate YouTube video subtitles
  • Advantages of self-hosted LLMs for handling massive volumes of content
  • Best practices to preserve security, safety, & compliance using AI for video translation, product description localization, and more

Ensure high translation quality while optimizing costs with LLMs

E-commerce websites, news outlets, and social media platforms need to localize their content to connect with global audiences. However, traditional translation methods can prove costly, particularly when dealing with the immense volumes of content involved. In this whitepaper dedicated to LLM-powered translation solutions for rapid business expansion, we’ve delved into the pros of using LLMs to translate massive amounts of content. By reading this material and utilizing Akvelon’s expertise, you’ll be able to:

  • Save up to 90% on translations
  • Elevate translation accuracy, fluency, and domain adaptability
  • Minimize LLM hallucination and bias
  • Find the best LLM for translation with regard to your specific requirements and constraints

Get your copy of the whitepaper for valuable insights and best practices on using LLMs for translation and localization!