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Festive AI Discoveries Await: Stay Updated on HIPAA Apps, and More

AI-turbocharged insights entering 2024

Season’s Greetings and a heartfelt thank to every one of you for your continued trust in Akvelon!

As we step into 2024, we are thrilled to unveil Akvelon’s latest tech breakthroughs and insights that are shaping the future of business.

Discover the transformative power of AI-driven tools, from enhancing customer service and recruitment with LLM-powered chatbots to elevating product quality and reliability to new heights.

In this issue, we’ll shine the spotlight on our pioneering AI-powered API Testing Tool, a game-changer in optimizing testing processes, and our AI Tech Support Assistant tool. 

CS with LLM-powered chatbots

Businesses across various industries are experiencing a significant efficiency boost with the adoption of virtual customer assistants and chatbots. These intelligent systems are not only enhancing customer service, they are transforming it. Key industry impacts include: 

  • Healthcare: Streamlining appointment scheduling and offering crucial medical advice.

  • Finance: Providing vital support for banking and investment-related queries.

  • Real Estate: Simplifying property searches and transactions for both buyers and sellers.

  • Travel: Personalizing travel planning with tailored flight and hotel recommendations.

  • Education: Assisting students with homework support and academic inquiries.

Discover more about cutting-edge chatbot solutions and their impacts on businesses in our whitepaper on The Next-Gen Chatbot System Powered by Large Language Models.

AI-Powered CV Screening and Scoring for Efficiency

LLM-powered CV screening

Did you know your HR team can save up to 43.5 hours per vacancy?

We've explored ways that utilizing LLMs can turbocharge the recruitment process and come up with a PoC of a solution that will allow you to: 

  • Standardize diverse CVs into a centralized database

  • Reduce reliance on SMEs for CV filtering in technical roles

  • Enhance match accuracy by identifying top candidates based on skill ratings

  • Adopt fair, secure, and unbiased recruitment practices

Learn how your recruitment teams can process CVs and staff positions faster from our AI-Driven Resume Screening whitepaper.

Akvelon’s AI Tools for Enhanced Business Solutions

AI-Powered API Testing Tool

AI-powered API testing tool

Cover 50 API endpoints with 20 tests in 13 hours instead of the usual 600 hours! Use our AI-powered API Testing Tool! We offer:

  • comprehensive test coverage

  • automated test case creation

  • tailored scripts for various response codes

Transform your testing process while achieving speed and accuracy.

Explore our AI-Powered API Testing Tool now on our dedicated web page and extended material on our blog.

AI Tech Support Assistant Tool

How AI can support your tech support routine

Imagine saving your tech support team over 10% hours of work every month, allowing them to achieve more with their increased availability!

Leverage our our new tool AI Tech Support Assistant to boost your customer service and streamline issue resolution.

Receive instant solutions for common problems with the help of AI and Akvelon’s expertise!

Find out more about our tool from our AI for Tech Support article.

HIPAA Compliance in AI and LLM Apps

Security and privacy compliance HC apps

Ready to find out how AI, and particularly LLMs, can be effectively applied in data-sensitive industries?

Implement key practices such as data anonymization, vulnerability assessments, encryption, and secure storage. Embed privacy and security from the start of your AI model training for improved data integrity.

Learn more about safeguarding your solutions at every level by leveraging AI to the fullest in our whitepaper on Prioritizing Security and Privacy in HIPAA-Compliant AI and LLM Apps.

AI for Engineering: Key Takeaways From Our Team

AI for engineering

Since GitHub Copilot first launched, Akvelon’s team has used this AI development tool for various tasks, and now we’re ready to share several insights that we have gained throughout our hands-on experience. Here are our best practices for seamlessly integrating GitHub Copilot into your development workflow:

  • Find out how Akvelon’s API Testing Tool is leveraging AI to generate tests

  • Learn : how to simplify complex tasks, maximize the tool's potential, and effectively address your clients’ concerns

Measure GitHub Copilot’s impact to level up your teams’ effectiveness: read more here.

Enhancing AI Security and Streamlining Compliance

At Akvelon, we recognize the critical importance of enhancing privacy and security in generative AI applications and leveraging ChatGPT to streamline compliance procedures.

To provide deeper insights into these topics, we have crafted two comprehensive articles with the latest advancements and practical strategies in these domains:

  • Explore useful tips and proactive measures on how to safely employ generative AI in your business in this article

  • Discover how to enhance compliance documentation using ChatGPT, as well as several practical and effective prompts in our latest article 

Company News

Akvelon Proudly Named Among WA's Fastest-Growing Companies, Yet Again!


Akvelon is among 100 fastest-growing companies

Akvelon once again celebrates its recognition by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Washington’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

This continued acknowledgment is a tribute to our team’s dedication and excellence in the tech industry. Check out the full list here

Our Team Shines Bright at Race for the Cure!


Race for the cure

At Europe’s largest women’s health event, several members of our team in Belgrade, Serbia united to join the race in support of spreading awareness for breast cancer and fundraising for a cure. We are truly proud of their dedication to a vital cause. Check our post on LinkedIn to meet the team!

Recent Updates From the Tech World

We’ve gathered the latest news and deliverables from the Hi-Tech industry. Find our top experts’ valuable comments, predictions, and technical insights in the following publications:

  • Discover how Falcon 180B offers data security solutions while delivering versatile AI applications from our review of Falcon 180B’s features.

  • Akvelon’s team provides insights and analysis of Amazon's game-changing move to invest $4B in Anthropic that sparks innovation! Explore how it affects the GenA landscape in our Linkedin post.

  • Akvelon’s team shares our insights on the CIA's ChatGPT-style AI, which opens a new era in data-intensive sectors, unveiling fresh opportunities and challenges. Delve into the implications of this news for businesses.

  • Learn about Elon Musk's Grok - an X-linked AI chatbot combining humor, and intelligence - from our Linkedin post.

  • Explore NVIDIA's Eureka, a GPT-4 inspired AI that is shaping the future of robotics with autonomous learning and reinforcement. Read the full story on our Linkedin.

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