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Flutter is an open-source toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase, developed by Google.

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Akvelon offers product and engineering services and experience to help you develop your idea into a consumer or business product that is ready to go to market and grow at a global scale.

Product Management,
Design, UX

Mobile, Web and Desktop App Development

Scalable Cloud Platforms and Backend

Data Science, Machine Learning and Analytics

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MeowTalk: 1.8M Users in less than a month

Starting from the idea, Akvelon used Product Management approaches to develop a new unique Data Science and Machine Learning knowledge and value that was rated #4 on the Apple AppStore and #11 on Google Play in the Entertainment category in just 3 weeks (as of 22 November, 2020) , spreading from Seattle local Geekwire and KING5 TV news coverage to national and international news coverage across the world.

The MeowTalk app and backend platform, which were developed with Google Cloud, made it efficient to support enormously fast user growth from a thousand users to 1.8 million users in just 4 weeks.

As of March 2023, it has recorded over 20 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play since November 2020.

Download: iOS, Android

Mobile Banking - Mobile and Web Flutter Applications

Akvelon is proud to contribute to the development of revolutionary banking applications that combine the convenience of mobile banking with the ability to invest in stocks while providing personalized financial advice to its customers.

Mobile and web applications were developed using Flutter, that allowed us to develop platform-independent code and reuse a considerable amount of code between the apps, reducing time to market by 3 months or 25%.

Our team developed key features:

  • Onboarding to open new bank accounts
  • Account and card management
  • Currency conversion
  • App rating and feedback

These features were seamlessly integrated into the application, providing customers with a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Our team played a key role in developing the banking application’s architecture by providing guidelines for organizing the code and developing core services such as navigation, storage, and biometry. These services were later used by other teams to build various features and functionalities for the banking application.

banking application
Flutter Code Editor

Flutter Code Editor

Akvelon’s Flutter Code Editor is an open-source customizable and feature-rich code editor widget for Flutter applications.

Our Flutter Code Editor makes it much easier to add code editing capabilities to Flutter applications. It is currently in Beta testing, and it supports web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Flutter Code Editor features include:

  • Syntax highlighting for over 100 languages
  • Real-time highlighting of unmatched parentheses, brackets, and braces<
  • Autocompletion
  • Auto-identation, indentation settings, and line numbers
  • Code folding for Dart, Go, Java, Python, and Scala
  • Read-only sections
  • Shortcuts
  • Themes
  • API to highlight errors and warnings e.g. reported by your custom backend

We invite you to try our Flutter Code Editor:

AdviseMe Flutter Mobile App

Wouldn’t it be great to unify the broad reach of your social network (like Instagram) and the ability to vote for your idea (like Tinder) while also enabling voters to make suggestions?

This app does just that – users can post outfit ideas and immediately receive fashion evaluations and advice from other users (be it friends or the broader community). Based on feedback one could decide what clothing variants (dress/shoes/etc.) look better to wear or buy. The advantage over social messengers is that users can receive quality ratings almost immediately, consolidating both negative and positive feedback as well as suggestions.

Flutter has enabled us to achieve the highest time-to-market by enabling fast development and UX iterations.

The AdviseMe Flutter mobile app was built with Google Cloud to achieve quick time-to-market and great flexibility to iterate on the app idea. The Firebase Google Cloud platform has provided worry-free solutions for user profiles, authentication, notifications, analytics, and more, supporting fast development and market fit evaluation.

Download: iOS, Android

Flutter Open Source Contributions

Akvelon developed the Open-source Flutter Share Plugin that has several advantages over existing Flutter solutions because it supports sharing multiple media files and PDF’s with supported iOS and Android platforms. See Plugin repository & Pub.dev platform page to learn more.

Akvelon has a fork for OpenID Connect library, adding several features like Hybrid Flow, in-app browser client, etc. Akvelon open-sourced the library with these improvements so that any Flutter or Dart developer can have access to the OpenID Connect Hybrid flow for Auth.

Flutter Community Contributions

Akvelon’s team has played a part in helping Flutter reach a wider audience by sharing their tips and advice with the Flutter community so that it can be used by more developers around the world.

Why do we do this? Because at Akvelon, our passion for tech extends often past the workday and many of our team members choose to share their knowledge with others through publications and shared resources.

Based on our Flutter Share Plugin development experience, Akvelon posted an article about how to efficiently develop plugins on Flutter – “Flutter Share Plugin Development” which was published on Noteworthy – The Journal Blog which gets on average over 30,000 daily visitors.

Let’s talk about developing your ideas!

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